Trading Standards business advice

We aim to protect consumers and promote a modern, vibrant economy by supporting well-meaning enterprises of all sizes. We are committed to providing a range of information, advice and services to help support responsible businesses to improve their performance while complying with Trading Standards and consumer legislation.

Commercial services

Our Trading Standards service has created a stand-alone team dedicated to supporting businesses improve their performance, profits and compliance. With extensive experience of supporting some of the region’s multi-nationals as well as a wide range of large and small companies, our officers can provide excellent practical business and technical advice. We can offer advice to not only Nottinghamshire businesses but those across the country.

Find out about our commercial services.

For a limited period until 30 June 2024 we have free advice available to Nottinghamshire based businesses.  To find out more.  Free Trading Standards Business Advice | Nottinghamshire County Council 

Product recall

We can provide support and advice to your business on product recalls and assist you with issues which could affect the safety of consumers. We also provide a link to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute for national product recalls.

Free guidance

Whether you run a new start-up company or an existing business, trying to keep up to date with legislation can be daunting.

Business Companion is a government-backed website which contains free impartial information for businesses and individuals who need to know about Trading Standards and consumer protection legislation. While not a replacement for professional advice, it provides the basics for new starters, quick guides for answers on core questions to key topics and in-depth guides.

Business areas covered include:

  • consumer rights
  • product safety
  • distance selling
  • food and drink
  • animal health and welfare.

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