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Applications Open to Public Consultation

List of applications open to the public for consultation.

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Gotham Primary School, Kegworth Road, Gotham
Installation of a 230m x 1m tarmac path around the perimeter of the school field, to be used for the children to jog around as part of the incentive to get children running a mile each week. 230m2 of the school field will be converted into a hard path.

Land at Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs
Installation of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant

Land off A634, Between Blyth and Barnby Moor, Near Retford
The exploratory well would be a vertical multi-core well to target the Bowland Shale and Millstone Grit geological formations to assist with the assessment of the shale gas basin in the area. In addition, three sets (with each set containing up to 3 boreholes) of monitoring boreholes would be installed to sample and monitor groundwater and ground gas during the drilling of the exploration well. The proposed development would involve permission for the security cabins already on the site, together with the construction work associated with the development of the well site, the drilling (using a drill rig of a maximum height of 60m) and evaluation of the well and monitoring boreholes and then the decommissioning and restoration of the site back to agricultural use. The development would be for a proposed three year period.

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