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This Application Is No Longer Open to Consultation

 NameFile TypeSize

Group: Application Form & Location Plan

  Planning application form PDF 975 KB

Group: Consultee Response

  Barton in Fabis PC response PDF 3 MB
  Ecology response PDF 89 KB
  Barton in Fabis Parish Council response SAVE PDF 3 MB
  Woodland Trust response PDF 1 MB
  Landscape response PDF 666 KB
  Noise comments on appendix 5 Noise Assessment PDF 538 KB
  Rushcliffe Borough Council response PDF 789 KB
  CPRE attachment PDF 535 KB
  Est Midlands Airport response PDF 611 KB
  RSPB response PDF 534 KB
  Planning Policy response PDF 473 KB
  Natural England response PDF 707 KB
  Canal & River Trust response PDF 609 KB
  EA response PDF 483 KB
  NWT response PDF 381 KB
  Gotham PC response PDF 1 MB
  Broxtowe Borough Council response PDF 1 MB
  Western Power response PDF 2 MB
  Cadent response PDF 4 MB
  NCC Flood Risk Response PDF 517 KB
  Highways England Response PDF 469 KB
  RBC Response PDF 825 KB
  NCC Highways Reponse PDF 477 KB
  Cllr Kerry Response PDF 64 KB
  ROW response PDF 563 KB
  The Ramblers response PDF 90 KB
  Historic England response PDF 467 KB
  Public Health England response PDF 491 KB
  Nottiangham City Highways response PDF 798 KB
  Noise response PDF 41 KB
  Archaeology response PDF 485 KB
  Noise response Appendix 05 PDF 177 KB
  Heritage response PDF 130 KB
  Further comments from NCC Noise PDF 566 KB

Group: Environmental Statement: Appendices

  ES APX 01 Scoping opinion PDF 80 MB
  ES APX 02 Flood Risk Assessment PDF 8 MB
  ES APX 03 hydrology & hydrogeology PDF 5 MB
  ES APX 04 Highways and Transport PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 05 Noise assessment PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 06 Air quality assessment PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 07 Landscape & Visual impact assessment LVIA PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 01 LVIA Location plan PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 02 LVIA Landscape design PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 03 LVIA Regional landscape PDF 2 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 04 LVIA Landscape character PDF 2 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 05 LVIA Landscape character element PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 06 LVIA Current situation PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 07 LVIA Plant site area PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 08 LVIA Proposed mineral extraction PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 09 LVIA Proposed restoration PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 10 LVIA Visual receptor zones PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 11 LVIA Photgraphic sheet Zone 01 PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 12 LVIA Photograhic sheet Zone 02 PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 13 LVIA Photographic sheet zone 03 PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 14 LVIA Photographic sheet Zone 3B PDF 2 MB
  ES APX 07 Fig 15 LVIA Photographic sheet zone 4 PDF 2 MB
  ES APX 07 Appendix B LVIA Methodology PDF 773 KB
  ES APX 08 Soil Handling & ALC PDF 5 MB
  ES APX 09 Bird Management plan PDF 8 MB
  ES APX 10 Geo Appendix 01 Borehole PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 10 Geo Appendix 02 Borehole Logs PDF 2 MB
  ES APX 10 Geo Appendix 03 Aggregates testing reoports PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 10 Geo Appendix 04 Slide Analysis PDF 4 MB
  ES APX 10 Geo Appendix FIGURES PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 10 Geo Appendix PLANS PDF 12 MB
  ES APX 10 Geo Appendix REPORT PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 11 Ecological Impact Assessment PDF 1 MB
  ES APX 11 Tree Survey PDF 27 MB
  ES APX 11-01 Ecological walkover survey PDF 2 MB
  ES APX 11-02 Bat activity survey PDF 5 MB
  ES APX 11-03 Bat roost survey PDF 2 MB
  ES APX 11-04 Otter and Water Vole Survey PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 11-05 Great crested newts survey PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 11-06 Reptile Survey PDF 3 MB
  ES APX 11-07 Breeding bird survey PDF 9 MB
  ES APX 11-08 Wintering birds survey PDF 14 MB
  ES APX 11-09 Invertebrate survey PDF 2 MB
  ES APX 12-01 Archaeological desk study PDF 5 MB
  ES APX 12-02 Geophysical Survey LARGE DOCUMENT PDF 123 MB
  ES APX 12-03 Archaeological evaluation report PDF 19 MB
  ES APX 12-04 Proposed mitigation strategy PDF 4 MB
  ES APX 12-05 Built heritage statement PDF 2 MB

Group: Environmental Statement: Chapters

  Environmental Statement PDF 3 MB

Group: Environmental Statement: Drawings / Plans

  ES17-01 Location plan PDF 4 MB
  ES17-02 Site plan PDF 3 MB
  ES17-03 SSI and Local Nature reserves PDF 4 MB
  ES17-04 Local wildlife sites PDF 4 MB
  ES17-05 Site layout and phasing plan PDF 3 MB
  ES17-06 Site layout and entrance plan PDF 1 MB
  ES17-07 Restoration concept PDF 3 MB
  ES17-08 Proposed entrance design PDF 1 MB
  ES17-09 proposed monitoring locations PDF 4 MB

Group: Environmental Statement: Non-Technical Summary

  The Non Technical Summary PDF 7 MB

Group: Neighbour Response

  Nicola Williams PDF 36 KB

Group: Publicity

  NCC site notice 04/09/2017 PDF 999 KB
  NCC press notice Nottingham Evening Post 08/09/2017 PDF 16 KB

Group: Supporting Statements

  PA17 -01 Location plan PDF 2 MB
  PA17-02 Site Plan PDF 3 MB
  PA17-03 SSSI and Local nature reserve PDF 2 MB
  PA17-04 Local Wildlife sites PDF 2 MB
  PA17-05 Site layout and phasing plan PDF 3 MB
  PA17-06 Site layout and Entrance plan PDF 1 MB
  PA17-07 Cross section 01 PDF 1 MB
  PA17-08 Cross section 02 PDF 3 MB
  PA17-09 Restoration concept PDF 3 MB
  PA17-10 Proposed entrance design PDF 1 MB
  APX 01 Mill Hill - Statement of Community Involvement PDF 623 KB
  APX 02 Mill Hill site photographs PDF 5 MB
  APX 03 Mill Hill 3D Visual images PDF 3 MB
  APX 04 Mill Hill Geological Information PDF 515 KB
  APX 05 Mill Hill Aggregate Market PDF 5 MB
  APX 06 Mill Hill Working plans PDF 13 MB
  APX 07 Mill Hill Proposed buiilt structure PDF 7 MB

The constraints displayed are only those that fall within the application site boundary, this is not a finite list, other constraints adjacent to or within the site may have been identified by the case officer but not displayed in the list.

Constraint CodeDescription
Page size:
 8 items in 3 pages
LWSBLocal Wildlife Site Biological
GBGreen Belt
ROWBrRights of Way Bridleway

Please note: The latest publicity notice expiry date also represents the closing date for consultation

Publicity Notices
TypeAdvert Appeared InDisplay dateExpiry date
Site Notice 04/09/201704/10/2017
Press AdvertNOTTINGHAM POST08/09/201708/10/2017

Applications can be inspected during opening times at the following (only council offices will hold these documents outside the consultation period):

Nottinghamshire County Council Planning, Trent Bridge House, Fox Road, West Bridgford, NG2 6BJ
Rushcliffe Community Contact Centre Rushcliffe Community Contact Centre, Rectory Road, West Bridgford
Nottingham City Council Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3NG
Clifton Library Clifton Library, Southchurch Drive, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 8AB
Consultees List
 NameDate SentExpiry DateResponded

Group: Initial Consultation

 CPRE Nottinghamshire   Yes
 The Woodland Trust   Yes
 PEDALS (Nottingham Cycling Campaign)   Yes
 Barton in Fabis Parish Council01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Rushcliffe Borough Council01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Broxtowe Borough Council 01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Cadent Gas Limited Company Number 1008086401/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Canal and River Trust01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 EA (EIA)01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 EA (Minerals)01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 EA ( within 20m of river)01/09/201722/09/2017 No
 EA (Flood Zones)01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 EA (Groundwater protection)01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 EA (Major dev not using mains sewers)01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Highways England01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Historic England01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 National Grid Company PLC PYLON01/09/201722/09/2017 No
 Natural England - Consultation Service01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 NCC (Archaeology)01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 NCC (Built Heritage) 01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 NCC (Flood Risk) Statutory 01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 NCC (Highways) Rushcliffe01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 NCC (Nature Conservation)01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 NCC (Planning Policy)01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Planning Casework Unit01/09/201722/09/2017 No
 Police Force Architectural Liaison Officer 01/09/201722/09/2017 No
 Severn Trent Water Limited01/09/201722/09/2017 No
 The Gardens Trust01/09/201722/09/2017 No
 Via (Countryside Access)01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Via (Landscape) 01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Via (Noise Engineer) 01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Via (Reclamation)01/09/201722/09/2017 No
 Western Power Distribution01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Nottingham East Midlands Airport01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 Public Health01/09/201722/09/2017 No
 Public Health England01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 The Ramblers 01/09/201722/09/2017 Yes
 The Environmental Health Officer01/09/201722/09/2017 No
 Cllr Eric Kerry04/09/201725/09/2017 No
 Councillor Andrew Brown04/09/201725/09/2017 No
 Councillor Richard Jackson04/09/201725/09/2017 No
 Councillor Reg Adair04/09/201725/09/2017 No

Listed below are all the neighbours who have been notified of the application and/or have submitted representation

Page size:
 736 items in 37 pages
Willow Lodge Trentside Barton in Fabis Nottingham NG11 0BL
Stoneleigh Madley HR2 9PH
3 Old Farm court Barton in Fabis Nottingham NG11 0AN
13 Brooksby Lane Clifton Nottingham Ng118hl
Old Rectory Gotham Nottingham NG11 0HW
Prickle Pin Lodge Trentside Barton in Fabis Nottingham NG11 0BL
2 Orchard Close Clifton Village Nottingham NG11 8NG
41 Rosyth Crescent Challaston Derby DE73 5WI
April Cottage 17 Main Street Normanton on Soar Loughborough Leics LE12 5HB
5 Little Lunnon Barton in Fabis Nottingham NG11 0AJ
44 Walnut Gardens East Leake Loughborough LE12 6HW
22 Staunton Drive Nottingham NG5 3DE
27 Glen Drive Bristol BS9 1SA
5 Admiral Close East leake Loughborough LE12 6WL
Netherfield Farm Epperstone Nottingham NG14 6AZ
44 Brown Lane Barton in Fabis Nottingham NG11 0AD
31 Shaw Street Ruddington Nottingham NG11 6HF
6 Lime Grove Avenue Beeston Nottingham NG94AR
3 Old Farm court Barton in Fabis Nottingham NG11 0AN
5 Maple close East leake Loughborough Le12 6ph
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