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This Application Is No Longer Open to Consultation

 NameFile TypeSize

Group: Application Form & Location Plan

  Drg 02 Site location plan PDF 1 MB
  Checklist PDF 411 KB
  Drawing 01 Site context plan PDF 1014 KB
  Contents Page for Volume 1 PDF 142 KB
  Planning application form PDF 68 KB
  Conditon 31 UXO method statement PDF 365 KB

Group: Decision Notice & Committee Reports

  Committee report Appendix 03 PDF 2 MB
  Committee report PDF 1 MB
  Committee plans (large document) PDF 4 MB
  Committee report Appendix 01 PDF 118 KB
  Committee report Appendix 02 PDF 120 KB
  Decision Notice PDF 159 KB
  Completed S106 Legal Agreement PDF 1 MB

Group: Environmental Statement: Appendices

  Annex H1 PDF 292 KB
  Figure D8 Photoviewpoints 7 & 8 PDF 9 MB
  Annex H2 Index PDF 196 KB
  Annex H2 Soil geochemistry PDF 1 MB
  Figure D7 Photoviewpoints 5 & 6 PDF 4 MB
  Appendix E Lighting Assessment PDF 1 MB
  Appendix I Figures 1 -14 PDF 7 MB
  Figure D2 -Toporapghy PDF 6 MB
  Annex H4 UXO Assessment PDF 2 MB
  Appendix I Annex I (1-15) PDF 4 MB
  Figure D3 - Landscape Character PDF 4 MB
  Appendix C Air Quality Figures PDF 12 MB
  Figure D9 Photviewpoints 9A & 9B PDF 4 MB
  Contents Page for Technical Appendices PDF 178 KB
  Figure D1 - Zone of Theoretical Visibility PDF 5 MB
  Annex H2 Geology slice PDF 946 KB
  Annex H2 Historical segment PDF 850 KB
  Figure D10 Photoviewpoints 10 & 11 PDF 5 MB
  Figure D6 Photoviewpoints 3 & 4 PDF 4 MB
  Appendix J Cultural Heritage PDF 426 KB
  Appendix C Air Quaility PDF 1014 KB
  Figure D5 Photoviewpoints 1 & 2 PDF 2 MB
  Annex H3 Coal Authority letter PDF 217 KB
  Appendix H Figure H1 PDF 565 KB
  Figure D4 Landscape Designations PDF 3 MB
  Appendix H Contaminated land Environcheck PDF 355 KB
  Annex H6 Soil samples PDF 240 KB
  Appendix G Hydrogeology & Flood Risk Assessment PDF 1 MB
  Appendix J Figures PDF 2 MB
  Appendix F Hydrogeology PDF 1 MB
  Annex H2 Historical mapping PDF 941 KB
  Annex H2 Historical segment PDF 899 KB
  Annex H2 Envirocheck PDF 214 KB
  Annex H2 Datasheet PDF 489 KB
  Annex H2 site send slice PDF 970 KB
  Appendix B Noise Assessment PDF 3 MB
  Appendix A Transport Assessment PDF 3 MB
  Annex H2 Context plan PDF 1 MB
  Figure D4 Landscape Designations PDF 4 MB
  Annex H2 Site sen slice PDF 977 KB
  Annex H2 Historic mapping PDF 4 MB
  Annex H2 Historical segment PDF 866 KB
  Appendix D - Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment PDF 2 MB
  Annex H5 soils PDF 2 MB
  Appendix I Ecology PDF 4 MB

Group: Environmental Statement: Non-Technical Summary

  Non Technical Summary PDF 1 MB

Group: Other Plans, Drawings & Information

  Drg 10 Proposed drainage layout PDF 500 KB
  Drg 03 Site plan PDF 300 KB
  Drg 18 Proposed site layout (Phase 4) PDF 556 KB
  Drg 05 Existing elevations & sections PDF 466 KB
  Drg 16 Preoposed site layout plan (Phase 3) PDF 606 KB
  Drg 19 Proposed site elevation & sections (Phase 4) PDF 413 KB
  Drg 15 Indicative site lighting layout PDF 951 KB
  Drg 07 Proposed site plan (Phase 1) PDF 786 KB
  Drg 04 Existing site layout plan PDF 773 KB
  Environmental Statement - Main Text PDF 11 MB
  Drg 21 PEDLS 139 & 140 Geological context PDF 943 KB
  Drg 20 Petroleum exploration & Dev Licence PDF 3 MB
  Drg 22 Areas of search & offset borehole locations PDF 3 MB
  Drg 23 Designations PDF 2 MB
  Drg 06 Proposed site entrance & sightlines PDF 533 KB
  Drg 11 Indicative site layout (Phase 2) PDF 808 KB
  Drg 12 Indicative site elevations & sections (Phase 2) PDF 1 MB
  Drg 09 Proposed site fencing PDF 925 KB
  Drg 14 Acoustic Screening options elevations & sections (phase 2) PDF 1 MB
  Drg 08 Proposed site elevations & sections PDF 1 MB
  Drg 17 Proposed elevations & sections (Phase 3) PDF 1 MB
  Drg 13 Acoustic Screening options (phase 2) PDF 841 KB

Group: Publicity

  Doncaster Star decision press notice PDF 811 KB
  Doncaster Star press decision notice PDF 204 KB

Group: Reg 22 - Further Information

  Techinical Note A - Figure 5 Defended flood outline map PDF 2 MB
  Technical Note C - Appendix C Noise contour plan PDF 1 MB
  Regulation 22 response April 2016 PDF 916 KB
  Technical Note E - Photomontage Viewpoint 6 A PDF 1 MB
  Technical Note D - Springs Road rail crossing PDF 379 KB
  Technical Note A - Figure 2 Rock Quality PDF 720 KB
  Technical Note B- Surface Water Attenuation Note PDF 41 KB
  Technical Note C - Appendix A Supplementary hydrology PDF 2 MB
  Technical Note D - Springs Road PDF 409 KB
  Expoloratory wellsiteDrawing PDF 549 KB
  Technical Note A - Figure 8 Search flood & residential map PDF 762 KB
  Technical Note E - Photomontage Viewpoint 1 Rig PDF 654 KB
  Technical Note E - Photomontage Viewpoint 2A PDF 1 MB
  Technical Note B- Appendix Drainage PDF 426 KB
  Technical Note A -Figure 3 Geological Map PDF 807 KB
  Technical Note C - Appendix D Ecology response PDF 115 KB
  Technical Note A - Figure 4 Flood Risk Map PDF 769 KB
  Technical Note D - HGV A614/B1396 Roundabout Analysis PDF 552 KB
  Technical Note C - Appendix B NWT summary data PDF 103 KB
  Technical Note C - Ecology PDF 654 KB
  Technical Note C - Appendix E Indicative site lighting layout Phase 2 PDF 817 KB
  Technical Note E - Photomontage Viewpoint 4 Drill Rig PDF 961 KB
  Technical Note A - Figure 9 Alternative site options PDF 760 KB
  Technical Note E - Photomontage Viewpoint 18 PDF 1 MB
  Technical Note D - Springs Road/B1396 junction PDF 411 KB
  Technical Note E - Photomontage Viewpoint 12 PDF 1 MB
  Techinical Note A - Figure 6 Search Contraints PDF 830 KB
  Technical Note A Site selection PDF 446 KB
  Technical Note E - Photmontage Viewpoint 2 Rig PDF 1 MB
  Technical Note A - Figure 7 Agricultural land class map PDF 560 KB
  Technical Note E - Photomontage Viewpoint 6 PDF 1 MB
  Technical Note A - Figure 1 Overview PDF 794 KB
  Reg 22 Further Information 07/07/2016 PDF 8 MB

Group: Schemes Discharge of Conditions

  Condition 28 PDF 707 KB
  Condtion 26 Reptiles PDF 2 MB
  Condition 37 Flooding PDF 645 KB
  Condition 11 Traffic management scheme PDF 777 KB
  Condition 10 Mud on the road PDF 313 KB
  P/A form for dishcharge onf conditions 10,11,31,and 37 PDF 192 KB
  Condition 34 & 35 Preventing pollution to drainage ditch PDF 572 KB
  Condition 26 Asbestos Management plan PDF 507 KB
  Condition 25 Air quality monitoring PDF 1 MB
  Condition 23b Reptile method statement PDF 1 MB
  Condition 23 Construction Environment management plan PDF 584 KB
  Condition 19 Noise Management PDF 1 MB
  Condition 17 Noise complaints procedure PDF 1 MB
  Planning application form conditions 17,19,23,25,32,34,35 PDF 633 KB
  S106 agreement 5th Schedule PDF 1 MB
  Condition 28 partial discharge letter PDF 48 KB
  Condition 31 Additional information 31/08/2017 PDF 209 KB
  Condition 26 Additional Information 31/08/2017 PDF 55 KB
  NCC Approval letter conditions 10,11, PDF 48 KB
  NCC Approval Letter Conditions 17, 19, 26, 31, 34, 35 and 37 PDF 77 KB
  TOO LARGE FOR WEB Photographs of road survey available upon request 0 B
  106 Baseline Road Survey PDF 306 KB
  Condition 32 Additional Information 26/9/2017 PDF 1 MB
  S106 Gresham Drain monitoring Fifth Schedule PDF 2 MB
  Condition 32 Asbestos Method statement PDF 508 KB
  S106 Second Schedule 2017 letter PDF 46 KB
  Condition 28 part 2 PDF 5 MB
  S106 Legal agreement Fifth Schedule letter PDF 47 KB
  S106 Schdule 5 Gresham Drain Approval letter PDF 47 KB

Group: Supporting Statements

  Supporting Statement PDF 1 MB

The constraints displayed are only those that fall within the application site boundary, this is not a finite list, other constraints adjacent to or within the site may have been identified by the case officer but not displayed in the list.

Constraint CodeDescription
CALRCoal Authority Low Risk Area
FZ2Flood Zone 2
FZ3Flood Zone 3

Please note: The latest publicity notice expiry date also represents the closing date for consultation

Publicity Notices
TypeAdvert Appeared InDisplay dateExpiry date
Press AdvertDONCASTER STAR01/06/2017 
Site Notice 28/04/201619/05/2016
Site Notice 04/08/201625/08/2016
Press AdvertDONCASTER STAR24/11/201515/12/2015
Press AdvertDONCASTER STAR05/11/201526/11/2015
Site Notice 12/07/201602/08/2016
Site Notice 28/04/201619/05/2016
Press AdvertDONCASTER STAR15/07/201605/08/2016
Press AdvertDONCASTER STAR09/05/201630/05/2016

Applications can be inspected during opening times at the following (only council offices will hold these documents outside the consultation period):

Nottinghamshire County Council Planning, Trent Bridge House, Fox Road, West Bridgford, NG2 6BJ
Bassetlaw District Council Bassetlaw District Council, Planning Department, Queens Buildings, Potter Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 2AH
Bawtry Library Bawtry Library, Doncaster Road, Bawtry, DN10 6NE
Consultees List
 NameDate SentExpiry DateResponded

Group: Initial Consultation

 Everton Parish Council30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Misson Parish Council30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Mattersey Parish Council30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Councillor Liz Yates30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Peel Airports (Finningley) Limited30/10/201513/11/2015 Yes
 Network Rail30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Natural England - Consultation Service30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 The Coal Authority 30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 National Grid (Gas)30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 National Grid Company PLC PYLON30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 Western Power Distribution30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Historic England30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Anglian Water Services Limited30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Highways England30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Civil Aviation Authority30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 Lincolnshire County Council30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Canal and River Trust30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Bassetlaw District Council30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 Environmental Health Department30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 National Air Traffic Services Ltd30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 NCC (Highways) Bassetlaw30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Health & Safety Executive30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Via (Countryside Access)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 NCC (Planning Policy)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 NCC (Archaeology)30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 Via (Landscape) 30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Via (Noise Engineer) 30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 NCC (Built Heritage) 30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 NCC (Nature Conservation)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Via (Reclamation)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Energy and Carbon Management Team 30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 Police Force Architectural Liaison Officer 30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Severn Trent Water Limited30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Public Health England30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Via (Road Safety)30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 Planning Casework Unit30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 NCC (Flood Risk) Statutory 30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Public Health30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 North Lincolnshire Council30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Yorkshire Wildlife Trust30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Department of Energy & Climate Change30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 British Geological Survey30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 Northern Powergrid30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 EA (EIA)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 EA (Minerals)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 EA (Flood Zones)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 EA (Hazardous Waste)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 EA (Land Contamination)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 EA (Major dev not using mains sewers)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 EA (Waste)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 EA (Groundwater protection)30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 CPRE Nottinghamshire30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Blaxton Parish Council30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Doncaster East Internal Drainage Board30/10/201520/11/2015 No
 Finningley Parish Council30/10/201520/11/2015 Yes
 Yorkshire Water Services Limited23/11/201514/12/2015 Yes
 Network Rail Civil Engineering01/12/201522/12/2015 No
 Network Rail Civil Engineering26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Severn Trent Water Limited26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Via (Reclamation)26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Police Force Architectural Liaison Officer 26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Planning Casework Unit26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Via (Road Safety)26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Public Health England26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Energy and Carbon Management Team 26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 NCC (Built Heritage) 26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 NCC (Nature Conservation)26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Yorkshire Water Services Limited26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 NCC (Flood Risk) Statutory 26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Yorkshire Wildlife Trust26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Public Health26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 North Lincolnshire Council26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 EA (Flood Zones)26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Department of Energy & Climate Change26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Northern Powergrid26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 EA (EIA)26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 British Geological Survey26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Bassetlaw Against Fracking26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 EA (Groundwater protection)26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Blaxton Parish Council26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Doncaster East Internal Drainage Board26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 CPRE Nottinghamshire26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 EA (Waste)26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 EA (Minerals)26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 EA (Major dev not using mains sewers)26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 EA (Hazardous Waste)26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 EA (Land Contamination)26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Finningley Parish Council26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Via (Landscape) 26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Via (Noise Engineer) 26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Via (Countryside Access)26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 NCC (Planning Policy)26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 NCC (Archaeology)26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 NCC (Highways) Bassetlaw26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 National Air Traffic Services Ltd26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Health & Safety Executive26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Environmental Health Department26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Canal and River Trust26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Lincolnshire County Council26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Bassetlaw District Council26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Civil Aviation Authority26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Highways England26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Anglian Water Services Limited26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Historic England26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 The Coal Authority 26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 National Grid Company PLC PYLON26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Western Power Distribution26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 National Grid (Gas)26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Councillor Liz Yates26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Network Rail26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Natural England - Consultation Service26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Peel Airports (Finningley) Limited26/04/201610/05/2016 No
 Mattersey Parish Council26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Misson Parish Council26/04/201617/05/2016 Yes
 Everton Parish Council26/04/201617/05/2016 No
 Friends of the Earth27/04/201618/05/2016 No
 Friends of the Earth27/04/201618/05/2016 No
 Bassetlaw Against Fracking11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Friends of the Earth11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 CPRE Nottinghamshire11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Blaxton Parish Council11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Doncaster East Internal Drainage Board11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Finningley Parish Council11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 EA (Land Contamination)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 EA (Groundwater protection)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 EA (Waste)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 EA (Hazardous Waste)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 British Geological Survey11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Northern Powergrid11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 EA (EIA)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 EA (Minerals)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 EA (Flood Zones)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 EA (Major dev not using mains sewers)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Public Health11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Yorkshire Wildlife Trust11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Department of Energy & Climate Change11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 NCC (Flood Risk) Statutory 11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Yorkshire Water Services Limited11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 North Lincolnshire Council11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 NCC (Built Heritage) 11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Energy and Carbon Management Team 11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Via (Reclamation)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Public Health England11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Planning Casework Unit11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Police Force Architectural Liaison Officer 11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Network Rail Civil Engineering11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Severn Trent Water Limited11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Via (Road Safety)11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Friends of the Earth11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Lincolnshire County Council11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Civil Aviation Authority11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Bassetlaw District Council11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Anglian Water Services Limited11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Highways England11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Canal and River Trust11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Environmental Health Department11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 National Air Traffic Services Ltd11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 NCC (Archaeology)11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Via (Countryside Access)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 NCC (Planning Policy)11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Health & Safety Executive11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 NCC (Highways) Bassetlaw11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Via (Landscape) 11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Via (Noise Engineer) 11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 NCC (Nature Conservation)11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Everton Parish Council11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Misson Parish Council11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Councillor Liz Yates11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Mattersey Parish Council11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Peel Airports (Finningley) Limited11/07/201625/07/2016 Yes
 Natural England - Consultation Service11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Network Rail11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 National Grid (Gas)11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 National Grid Company PLC PYLON11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Western Power Distribution11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 The Coal Authority 11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Historic England11/07/201601/08/2016 Yes
 Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council11/07/201601/08/2016 No
 Mattersey Parish Council20/09/2016  No
 Councillor Liz Yates20/09/2016  No
 Misson Parish Council20/09/2016  No
 Everton Parish Council20/09/2016  No
 Bassetlaw District Council20/09/2016  No
 Finningley Parish Council20/09/2016  No
 Blaxton Parish Council20/09/2016  No
 Natural England - Consultation Service26/04/2017  Yes
 NCC (Nature Conservation)18/08/2017  Yes
 Misson Parish Council18/08/2017  No
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 18/08/2017  No

Listed below are all the neighbours who have been notified of the application and/or have submitted representation

Page size:
 2568 items in 129 pages
Woodbine Lodge High Street Misson Doncaster DN10 6ED
4 Wheat croft Worksop S81 0Uw
92 Anston Avenue S81 7NT
22 Station Avenue Ranskill Retford Notts DN22 8LF
101 Dadley Road Carlton in Lindrick Worksop S81 9NE
38 Townhead Road Sheffield S17 3GA
29 Grafton Court Nottingham NG7 3GH
135 Windsor Road Carlton in Lindrick Worksop S81 9DH
5 Ventnor Rise Nottingham NG5 1HR
Holly Cottage Bond Hayes Lane Hagworthingham Spilsby Lincolnshire PE23 4LH
Misson Primary School Dame Lane Misson Doncaster DN10 6EB
Delemere Middle Street Misson Near Doncaster South Yorkshire DN10 6EA
24 Beechways Ordsall Retford Notts DN22 7RL
17 Bishopddale Worksop Nottingham S81 0UX
5 Beeston Road Sheffield S8 9FB
356A Ashgate Road Chesterfield Derbyshire S60 4BW
The Old Parish Hall Back Lane Ranskill Retford Notts DN22 8NN
12 Cavendish Avenue Sherwood Nottingham NG5 4DT
22 Briber Road Blyth Worksop Noptts S81 8DZ
The Sycamores The Beck Clayworth Retford Notts DN22 9AH