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This Application Is No Longer Open to Consultation

 NameFile TypeSize


  APP -KH-1 Ecology & Nature conservation proof PDF 661 KB
  APP-APB-1 Transport & traffic matters Proof PDF 339 KB
  APP-APB-2 Transport & traffic matters Appendicesr PDF 3 MB
  Document 01 to 07 See planning application details below 0 B
  Document 08 Letters of representation not shown due to Data Protection 0 B
  Document 09 NCC Committee report Nov 2014 PDF 31 MB
  Document 09 Ncc C'ttee report Nov 2014 part 1 PDF 9 MB
  Document 09 NCC C'ttee report Nov 2014 part 2 PDF 9 MB
  Document 09 NCC c'ttee report Nov 2014 part 3 PDF 9 MB
  Document 09 NCC C'ttee report Nov 2014 part 4 PDF 1 MB
  Document 09 NCC C'ttee report plans PDF 4 MB
  Document 10 Minutes of NCC c'ttee report meeting PDF 11 MB
  Document 11 Grounds of objection for petition PDF 69 KB
  Document 12 First Reg 22 Letter PDF 124 KB
  Document 13 Reg 22 2nd letter PDF 241 KB
  Document 16 NCC landscape response PDF 1 MB
  Document 17 Bilsthorpe PC response PDF 86 KB
  Document 18 Chamber of Commerce response PDF 144 KB
  Document 19 Eakring PC response PDF 136 KB
  Document 20 English Heritage response PDF 72 KB
  Document 21 Hughes Planning response on behalf of RAGE PDF 2 MB
  Document 22 Mark Spencer MP response PDF 181 KB
  Document 23 National Grid response PDF 225 KB
  Document 24 National Planning Caseworks Unit response PDF 71 KB
  Document 25 Natural England response PDF 514 KB
  Document 26 NCC Waste Policy response PDF 438 KB
  Document 27 NCC Noise Engineer response PDF 358 KB
  Document 28 NCC Rights of Way response PDF 90 KB
  Document 29 NCC Cllr Peck response PDF 232 KB
  Document 30 Public Health England response PDF 133 KB
  Document 31 NCC Public Health response PDF 50 KB
  Document 32 The Coal Authority response PDF 249 KB
  Document 33 Petition received from RAGE with 481 signatures PDF 54 KB
  Document 34 Edingley PC response PDF 121 KB
  Document 35 Environment Agency response PDF 580 KB
  Document 36 RAGE representations PDF 324 KB
  Document 37 NCC Highways response PDF 221 KB
  Document 38 Notts Wildlife Trust response PDF 1014 KB
  Document 39 Rufford PC response PDF 443 KB
  Document 40 UKWIN representations PDF 4 MB
  Document 41 duplicate of Document 14 PDF 996 KB
  Document 42 NCC Land Contamination response PDF 181 KB
  Document 43 Farnsfield PC response PDF 38 KB
  Document 44 NCC Heritage response PDF 1 MB
  Document 65 Signed SOCG between NCC & Peel PDF 7 MB
  Document 66 Signed SOCG between NCC, Peel & Dr Chow PDF 1 MB
  Document 67 NSDC Rule 6 withdraw PDF 135 KB
  Document 67 NSDC Appendix A PDF 2 MB
  Document 67 NSDC Schedule of correspondence PDF 2 MB
  Document 67 NSDC Supplementary report PDF 193 KB
  Document 68 Bilsthorpe Colliery Pithead restoration plan PDF 26 MB
  Document 68 Bilsthorpe Colliery Pithead Restoration proposals PDF 363 KB
  Document 68 Bilsthorpe Colliery Restoration approval letter PDF 231 KB
  Document 68 Bilsthorpe Colliery Restoration Plan PDF 6 MB
  Document 68 Bilsthorpe Coplliery Tip written restoration scheme PDF 12 MB
  Document 69 Inspectors Pre-Inquiry notes PDF 80 KB
  Document 70 Bilsthorpe SoCG 1 Supplement NCC final PDF 683 KB
  Document 70 Planning history & restoration appendices PDF 11 MB
  Document 71 Letter from Newark & Sherwood DC PDF 98 KB
  Document 72 Notts Mineral & Waste Dev Plan Annual Monitoring Report PDF 388 KB
  Document 73 Nott'm City Council Annual Monitoring Report PDF 10 MB
  Document 74 Third Reg 22 submission NTS PDF 105 KB
  Document 75 Third Reg 22 Submission Final PDF 7 MB
  Document 76 Inpector's Report into Waste Core Strategy PDF 150 KB
  Document 77 Landscape Character Assessment Large Doc available through N&S website 0 B
  Document 78 The Reality Gap PDF 1 MB
  Document 82 (1) Western Power PDF 7 MB
  Document 82 (2) NCC Reclamation comments PDF 17 KB
  Document 82 (3) British Horse Society Letter PDF 509 KB
  Document 82 (4) NCC Landscape Comments PDF 62 KB
  Document 83a Publicity Call in PDF 557 KB
  Document 83b Publicity arrangements Call In PDF 344 KB
  Document 84 Draft Section 106 agreeement PDF 2 MB
  Document 85 Draft Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) PDF 115 KB
  Document 86 STW - Trade Effulent Guidance PDF 2 MB
  Document 88 DEFRA Biodiversity Offsetting PDF 157 KB
  Document 89 R Cummins Extract PDF 154 KB
  Document 90 TW Logistics v Tendring PDF 634 KB
  Document IP 1 RAGE representations PDF 1 MB
  Document IP 2 UKWIN representations PDF 6 MB
  Document IP3 NWT representations PDF 774 KB
  Document IP4 Eakring PC representations PDF 92 KB
  Document IP5 not shown due to Data Protections 0 B
  Document IP7 Southwell TC representations PDF 183 KB
  IP 23 UKWIN Technical note on applicant R1 calculations PDF 266 KB
  IP10 Supplementary Reps from RAGE PDF 58 KB
  IP11 Mark Spencer MP PDF 79 KB
  IP11 Mark Spencer MP PDF 97 KB
  IP12 Supplementary Reps UKWIN PDF 171 KB
  IP12 Supplementary Reps UKWIN Appendix PDF 210 KB
  IP13 Chamber of Commerce PDF 2 MB
  IP14 Representations from Centre Parks PDF 112 KB
  IP15 EMEC Ecology Report prepared by RAGE PDF 3 MB
  IP16 Rufford PC Evidence PDF 1 MB
  IP17 Eakring PC sumission PDF 946 KB
  IP18 UKWIN Oct 2015 Eunomia Submission PDF 952 KB
  IP19 Eakring PC representation PDF 83 KB
  IP20 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust PDF 1 MB
  IP21 RAGE Statement PDF 242 KB
  IP24 UKWIN Carbon Calculations 16/10/2015 PDF 78 KB
  IP26 Appendices PDF 618 KB
  IP26 UKWIN Interested Party Counter-Rebuttal Submission PDF 325 KB
  IP8 UKWIN Supplementary representation PDF 888 KB
  IP8 UKWIN supplementary submissionRef 3001886 PDF 1 MB
  IP9 UKWIN Note to Inquiry on Main Issues PDF 160 KB
  KC09 Calculation of Air v Water dispersion of pollution PDF 57 KB
  KC1 Statement of case PDF 192 KB
  KC10 Guiding principles for land contamination 2010 PDF 1 MB
  KC11 01 EA - What's in your backyard PDF 202 KB
  KC12 02 EA - Groundwater source protection zones PDF 210 KB
  KC13 03 EA - BGS aquifer maps - bedrock designation PDF 214 KB
  KC14 04 EA- Groundwater vulnerability zones PDF 213 KB
  KC15 05 EA - groundwater vulnerability zones PDF 236 KB
  KC16 Contaminated land PDF 117 KB
  KC17 BBC report - can't be displayed copyright restrictions 0 B
  KC18 Proof of Evidence of Dr Chow PDF 142 KB
  KC2 The impact on health emissions PDF 225 KB
  KC3 Particualte emissions & health statement of evidence to Ringaskiddy Inquiry PDF 1 MB
  KC4 Role of experts & public participation in pollution control PDF 3 KB
  KC5 Cadmium clean-up in Japan PDF 20 KB
  KC6 Novel technology for gaseous contaminants control PDF 139 KB
  KC7 NHS Choices web-site PDF 139 KB
  KC8 The health effects of waste incinerators PDF 1 MB
  Location plan PDF 2 MB
  NCC 01 Rule 6 Statement PDF 80 KB
  NCC 02 Newhurst Quarry Shepshed ERF appeal decision PDF 5 MB
  NCC 03 National Infrastructure Commissiosn Ref 12-04-04-35C PDF 1 MB
  NCC 04 Proof of evidence PDF 426 KB
  NCC 05 EA guidance note PDF 744 KB
  NCC 07 NPPF Compatilility self -assessment PDF 625 KB
  NCC 08 PHE response letter PDF 167 KB
  NCC 09 Nottinghamshihre Minerals Local Plan PDF 5 MB
  NCC 10 Ecology comments on Nightjars PDF 53 KB
  NCC 11 Summary proof of evidence PDF 93 KB
  NCC 12 CIL Payment statement PDF 69 KB
  NCC 13 Supplementary Heritage statement PDF 68 KB
  NCC14 Original Cttee Rpt Land at Former Rufford Colliery PDF 788 KB
  NCC15 Inspectors Report Land at Former Rufford Site PDF 1 MB
  NCC6 Reg 22 Supplementary Ecology observations PDF 196 KB
  P1 Statement of Case by Peel Environmental PDF 168 KB
  Planning application form details PDF 9 MB
  Red line plan PDF 66 KB
  Site plan PDF 123 KB
  Site plan PDF 272 KB
  IP25 UKWIN Carbon Intensity spreadsheet 30/10/2015 PDF 104 KB
  ID 01 Dr Chow Opening Statement PDF 99 KB
  ID 02 UKWIN Opening Statement PDF 111 KB
  ID3 RAGE Opening Statement PDF 117 KB
  ID4 NCC Opening Statement PDF 350 KB
  ID5 Applicant Opening Statement PDF 351 KB
  ID6 Cllr Paula Pestill PDF 235 KB
  ID7 Cllr Andrew Twidale PDF 47 KB
  ID8 Cllr Marisha Curry Chair Eakring PC PDF 200 KB
  ID9 SMO7 Supplementary Evidence of Stephen Othen 0 B
  ID10 Dr Chow Proof of Evidence PDF 387 KB
  ID11 CC Bruce Laughton PDF 1 MB
  ID12 UKWIN Interested Party Hearing Statement PDF 843 KB
  ID13 Map & directions for site visit PDF 343 KB
  ID14 RAGE Constitution PDF 110 KB
  ID15 Evening Session 4.11.15 Speeches from local residents & Councillors PDF 919 KB
  ID16 RAGE Opening Statement - 4 speakers PDF 980 KB
  ID17 Harworth Estates letter 29.10.15 PDF 64 KB
  ID18 Approved plan from Section 106 Agreement PDF 267 KB
  ID19 Bilsthorpe Energy Centre - PA Drawings PDF 20 KB
  ID20 Mark Spencer MP PDF 51 KB
  ID21 Financial Times Extract 05.11.15 PDF 72 KB
  ID22 Email from Shlomo Dowen to the EA 15.10.15 PDF 22 KB
  ID23 Notts Annual Waste Monitoring Rept April 2015 PDF 24 KB
  ID24 Outline planning permission 02.01392.OUTM app forms and discharge letter PDF 317 KB
  ID25Reserved Matters permission 05.008660.RMAM app forms PDF 256 KB
  ID26 Section 106 Agreement 2004 PDF 394 KB
  ID27 Section 106 Agreement 2009 PDF 659 KB
  ID28 Agreement & planning obligation under Section 106 10.11.2015 PDF 2 MB
  ID29 Statement of Compliance with CIL Regulations PDF 172 KB
  ID30 Schedule of Amendments to Draft Agreement contained at Core Document 84 PDF 138 KB
  ID31 Building Sizes Plan PDF 164 KB
  ID32 Eakring - an appraisal of the character and appearance of the Conservation area PDF 1 MB
  ID33 Employment Land Availability Study PDF 664 KB
  ID34 Appendix B List of Draft Planning Conditions PDF 587 KB
  ID35 Letter from Dr R Kettlewell Noise & Vibration Consultants Ltd 09.11.15 PDF 73 KB
  ID37 Closing Submission Dr. Kit Chow PDF 526 KB
  ID38 Closing Submission UKWIN PDF 488 KB
  ID39 Closing Submission RAGE PDF 189 KB
  ID40 Closing Submission NCC PDF 906 KB
  ID41 Closing Submission Applicant PDF 894 KB
  ID40 Closing Submission- Final PDF 198 KB
  Inquiry Programme PDF 66 KB

Group: Appeal Documents

  APP-APB-3 Transport & traffic matters Summary PDF 130 KB
  APP-APB-4 Transport rebuttle statement PDF 1 MB
  APP-KH -5 Ecology rebuttle statement appendices PDF 2 MB
  APP-KH-2 Ecology& Nature conservation Appendices PDF 3 MB
  APP-KH-3 Ecology & Nature conservation Summary PDF 472 KB
  APP-KH-4 Ecology rebuttal statement PDF 620 KB
  APPKH6 Addendum rebuttle Ecology PDF 2 MB
  APP-NR-1 Main Planning proof of Evidence Final PDF 1 MB
  APP-NR-2 Appendices Volume 1 PDF 37 MB
  APP-NR-2 Appendices Volume 2 PDF 6 MB
  APP-NR-3 Summary of planning proof of evidence PDF 123 KB
  APP-NR-4 Planning rebuttle statement PDF 1 MB
  APP-SMO -1 Air quality & R1 Recovery Proof PDF 449 KB
  APP-SMO -2 Air quality R1 recovery Appendices PDF 2 MB
  APP-SMO- 3 Air quality and R1 recovery Summary PDF 164 KB
  APP-SMO-4 Air quality & R1 status rebuttle statment PDF 104 KB
  APP-SMO-5 Aire quality & R1 status rebuttle appendices PDF 728 KB
  APP-SMO-6C javelin Park PDF 346 KB
  APP-SMO-6D hatfield PDF 266 KB
  APP-SMO-6E battlefield PDF 97 KB

Group: Application Form & Location Plan

  covering letter PDF 1 MB

Group: Decision Notice & Committee Reports

  Committee Report 18/11/2014 PDF 31 MB
  Committee report plans PDF 2 MB
  Committee resolution PDF 7 MB
  DCLG Letter 19/11/2014 PDF 113 KB
  Secretary of State Decision Part Superseded PDF 1 MB
  SOS - Slip Rule letter PDF 138 KB
  Secretary of States decision letter PDF 286 KB
  The Outcome Committee report 28/06/2016 PDF 158 KB
  Committee plan 01 28/06/2016 PDF 1 MB
  Committee plan 02 28/06/2016 PDF 1 MB

Group: Environmental Statement: Chapters

  ES Chapter 1 Introduction PDF 2 MB
  ES Chapter 10 Surface Waters and Flood Risk PDF 4 MB
  ES Chapter 11 Noise and Vibration PDF 4 MB
  ES Chapter 12 Air Quality & Human Health PDF 10 MB
  ES Chapter 13 Culture Heritage PDF 8 MB
  ES Chapter 14 Scocio-Economic Effects PDF 738 KB
  ES Chapter 15 Cumulative Effects PDF 4 MB
  ES Chapter 16 Energy Export Connections PDF 4 MB
  ES Chapter 17 Summary of Effects PDF 149 KB
  ES Chapter 2 Scope of the Environmental Assessment PDF 6 MB
  ES Chapter 3 Need for the scheme & alternative considered PDF 2 MB
  ES Chapter 4 Scheme description PDF 37 MB
  ES Chapter 5 Planning Policy context PDF 70 KB
  ES Chapter 6 Traffic and Transportation PDF 3 MB
  ES Chapter 6 Appendix Traffic & transportation PDF 18 MB
  ES Chapter 7 Landscape and visula effects PDF 25 MB
  ES Chapter 8 Ecology & Nature Conservation PDF 11 MB
  ES Chapter 9 Geology, Hydrology & ground conditions PDF 9 MB
  ES Contents pages PDF 103 KB
  Technical appendices these can be found in each Chapter PDF 63 KB

Group: Environmental Statement: Non-Technical Summary

  Non Technical Summary PDF 203 KB
  Non Technical Summary Figures PDF 12 MB

Group: Other Plans, Drawings & Information

  Ancillary buildings plan PDF 142 KB
  Compound plan PDF 1013 KB
  Effluent area compound plan PDF 895 KB
  Elevations on A and B plan PDF 1 MB
  Elevations plan PDF 1 MB
  Fencing layout plan PDF 333 KB
  Gasification building floor plan PDF 127 KB
  Indicative landscape design plan PDF 291 KB
  Indicative site drainage plan layout 1 PDF 409 KB
  Indicative site drainage plan layout 2 PDF 238 KB
  MRF building plan PDF 109 KB
  Roof layout plan PDF 64 KB
  Site sections plan PDF 231 KB
  Vehicles crew building plan PDF 113 KB

Group: Reg 22 - Further Information

  Appendix 2-1 Wader mitigation plan PDF 1 MB
  Appendix 4-1 Planning polices PDF 249 KB
  Appendix 10-1 E-mail to Landscape Officer PDF 111 KB
  Appendix 10-2 Response from landscape PDF 236 KB
  Appendix 10-3 Traffic Regulation Order PDF 210 KB
  Appendix 10-4 Supplementary air quality PDF 154 KB
  Appendix 1-1 Regulation 22 Letter PDF 43 KB
  Appendix 2-2 Air Quality Impact on Birklands & Bilhaugh report PDF 584 KB
  Appendix 2-3 Woodlark survey PDF 171 KB
  Appendix 2-4 Nightjar addendum report PDF 1 MB
  Appendix 2-5 Imapacts of noise & light on bat foraging PDF 885 KB
  Appendix 9-1 Creeping water primrose PDF 106 KB
  Axis Covering letter 22/08/2014 PDF 1 MB
  Environmental statement second REG 22 submission 22/08/14 PDF 555 KB
  NCC letter - Request for REG further information 21/08/2014 PDF 241 KB
  Reg 22 covering letter from Axis PDF 2 MB
  Reg 22 Response Final PDF 441 KB
  Reg 22 Air quality 22/08/2014 PDF 1 MB
  Reg 22 Non Technical Summary PDF 577 KB
  Reg 22 respone to UKWIN's Part 2 objection PDF 222 KB
  Reg 22 Setting of heritage assets 22/08/2014 PDF 4 MB
  Reg 22 Wader mitigation plan 22/08/2014 PDF 1 MB
  Regulation 22 request letter 20/03/2014 PDF 43 KB
  Second REG 22 Non Technical Summary 22/08/2014 PDF 335 KB
  Third Reg 22 Submission Final Received 18/09/2015 PDF 7 MB
  Third Reg 22 Submission NTS Recieved 18/09/2015 PDF 105 KB

Group: Supporting Statements

  Applicants observations on NWT representation PDF 235 KB
  Carbon assessment PDF 798 KB
  Consultation report PDF 5 MB
  Design and access statement PDF 4 MB
  Economic benefits statement PDF 1 MB
  Heat Plan Report PDF 1 MB
  Planning statement PDF 1007 KB
  Planning statement Chapter 1 Appendix 1 - Validation Sheet PDF 27 KB
  Planning Statement Chapter 4 Appendix 1 Policies PDF 128 KB

The constraints displayed are only those that fall within the application site boundary, this is not a finite list, other constraints adjacent to or within the site may have been identified by the case officer but not displayed in the list.

Constraint CodeDescription
SINCSite of Importance for Nature Conservation

Please note: The latest publicity notice expiry date also represents the closing date for consultation

Publicity Notices
TypeAdvert Appeared InDisplay dateExpiry date
Page size:
 13 items in 2 pages
Site Notice 06/12/201327/12/2013
Press Advert 12/12/201302/01/2014
Site Notice 16/01/201516/01/2015
Site Notice 24/09/201524/09/2015
Press AdvertNEWARK ADVERTISER22/01/201522/01/2015
Site Notice 15/09/201506/10/2015
Site Notice 29/08/201419/09/2014
Site Notice 07/08/201428/08/2014
Site Notice 30/07/201420/08/2014
Press AdvertNEWARK ADVERTISER04/09/201425/09/2014

Applications can be inspected during opening times at the following (only council offices will hold these documents outside the consultation period):

Nottinghamshire County Council Planning, Trent Bridge House, Fox Road, West Bridgford, NG2 6BJ
Newark & Sherwood District Council Newark & Sherwood District Council, Planning, Castle House, Great North Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1BY
Bilsthorpe Library Bilsthorpe Library, The Crescent, Bilsthorpe, Nottinghamshire, NG22 8QX
Consultees List
 NameDate SentExpiry DateResponded

Group: Initial Consultation

 Bilsthorpe Parish Council05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Eakring Parish Council05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Farnsfield Parish Council05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Kirklington Parish Council05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Rufford Parish Council05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Councillor Bruce Laughton05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 Councillor Roger Jackson05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 Councillor John Peck05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 Natural England - Consultation Service05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 The Coal Authority 05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 National Grid (Gas)05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Western Power Distribution05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 Environment Agency Midlands Region05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Newark and Sherwood District Council05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 NCC (Highways) Newark and Sherwood05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Via (Countryside Access)05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 NCC (Planning Policy)05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 NCC (Archaeology)05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 Via (Landscape) 05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 NCC (Accident Investigation Unit)05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Via (Noise Engineer) 05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 NCC (Built Heritage) 05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 NCC (Nature Conservation)05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Via (Reclamation)05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Police Force Architectural Liaison Officer 05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 Severn Trent Water Limited05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 Newark & Sherwood District Council05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 Planning Casework Unit05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 Public Health05/12/201326/12/2013 Yes
 Mark Spencer MP05/12/201326/12/2013 No
 Edingley Parish Council07/01/201428/01/2014 Yes
 Eakring Parish Council18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Bilsthorpe Parish Council18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Kirklington Parish Council18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Farnsfield Parish Council18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Natural England - Consultation Service18/07/201408/08/2014 Yes
 The Coal Authority 18/07/201414/08/2014 Yes
 Councillor John Peck18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Rufford Parish Council18/07/201408/08/2014 Yes
 Councillor Roger Jackson18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Councillor Bruce Laughton18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Severn Trent Water Limited18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Via (Reclamation)18/07/201408/08/2014 Yes
 NCC (Built Heritage) 18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 NCC (Nature Conservation)18/07/201408/08/2014 Yes
 Via (Noise Engineer) 18/07/201408/08/2014 Yes
 NCC (Accident Investigation Unit)18/07/201408/08/2014 Yes
 Via (Landscape) 18/07/201408/08/2014 Yes
 NCC (Planning Policy)18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 NCC (Archaeology)18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 NCC (Highways) Newark and Sherwood18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Via (Countryside Access)18/07/201408/08/2014 Yes
 Newark and Sherwood District Council18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Environment Agency Midlands Region18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 National Grid (Gas)18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Mark Spencer MP18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Planning Casework Unit18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Newark & Sherwood District Council18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Police Force Architectural Liaison Officer 18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Public Health18/07/201408/08/2014 No
 Police Force Architectural Liaison Officer 27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Newark & Sherwood District Council27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Planning Casework Unit27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Public Health27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 Mark Spencer MP27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 Newark and Sherwood District Council27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 NCC (Highways) Newark and Sherwood27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Environment Agency Midlands Region27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 NCC (Planning Policy)27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 Via (Countryside Access)27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 Via (Landscape) 27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 NCC (Accident Investigation Unit)27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 NCC (Archaeology)27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Via (Noise Engineer) 27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 NCC (Built Heritage) 27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 NCC (Nature Conservation)27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 Via (Reclamation)27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Severn Trent Water Limited27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Councillor Bruce Laughton27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Councillor Roger Jackson27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Councillor John Peck27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 The Coal Authority 27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 Natural England - Consultation Service27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 National Grid (Gas)27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Farnsfield Parish Council27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Kirklington Parish Council27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Rufford Parish Council27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Bilsthorpe Parish Council27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 Eakring Parish Council27/08/201417/09/2014 Yes
 Edingley Parish Council27/08/201417/09/2014 No
 Historic England01/09/201422/09/2014 Yes
 The Natinal Garden Trust03/09/201424/09/2014 No
 Newark and Sherwood District Council07/10/2014  No
 Eakring Parish Council07/10/2014  No
 Bilsthorpe Parish Council07/10/2014  No
 Rufford Parish Council07/10/2014  No
 Farnsfield Parish Council07/10/2014  No
 Kirklington Parish Council07/10/2014  No
 Councillor John Peck07/10/2014  No
 Rufford Parish Council23/10/201413/11/2014 No
 Rufford Parish Council15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Farnsfield Parish Council15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Kirklington Parish Council15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Bilsthorpe Parish Council15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Eakring Parish Council15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Councillor John Peck15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Councillor Roger Jackson15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Councillor Bruce Laughton15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 National Grid (Gas)15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Western Power Distribution15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Natural England - Consultation Service15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 The Coal Authority 15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Newark and Sherwood District Council15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Environment Agency Midlands Region15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 NCC (Archaeology)15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 NCC (Highways) Newark and Sherwood15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Via (Countryside Access)15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Severn Trent Water Limited15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Via (Reclamation)15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Via (Noise Engineer) 15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 NCC (Nature Conservation)15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 NCC (Built Heritage) 15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 NCC (Accident Investigation Unit)15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 NCC (Planning Policy)15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Via (Landscape) 15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Mark Spencer MP15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Public Health15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Police Force Architectural Liaison Officer 15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Newark & Sherwood District Council15/01/201505/02/2015 No
 Planning Casework Unit23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Public Health23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Mark Spencer MP23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 NCC (Accident Investigation Unit)23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Via (Noise Engineer) 23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 NCC (Nature Conservation)23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 NCC (Built Heritage) 23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Via (Reclamation)23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Police Force Architectural Liaison Officer 23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Severn Trent Water Limited23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Newark & Sherwood District Council23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Via (Countryside Access)23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 NCC (Planning Policy)23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 NCC (Archaeology)23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Via (Landscape) 23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Newark and Sherwood District Council23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 NCC (Highways) Newark and Sherwood23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 The Coal Authority 23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 National Grid (Gas)23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Natural England - Consultation Service23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Natural England - Consultation Service23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Western Power Distribution23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Environment Agency Midlands Region23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Councillor Bruce Laughton23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Councillor Roger Jackson23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Councillor John Peck23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Edingley Parish Council23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Farnsfield Parish Council23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Bilsthorpe Parish Council23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Bilsthorpe Parish Council23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Eakring Parish Council23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Kirklington Parish Council23/09/201514/10/2015 No
 Rufford Parish Council23/09/201514/10/2015 No

Listed below are all the neighbours who have been notified of the application and/or have submitted representation

Page size:
 301 items in 16 pages
104 Kirklington Road Bilsthorpe Nottinghamshire NG22 8SP
The Stewarts Flat Bilsthorpe Miners Welfare The Crescent Bilsthorpe Nottingham NG22 8QX
8 North Drive, Bilsthorpe Nottingham NG22 8QI
117 Clipstone Road West Forest Town Mansfield Notts NG190BT
35 Meadow Gr Bilsthorpe Newark Notts NG228TQ
Northdene Farnsfield Road Bilsthorpe Nottinghamshire
19 Mickledale lane Bilsthorpe Newark Nottinghamshire NG22 8QB
22 Valley Road Bilsthorpe Nr Newark Nottinghamshire NG22 8QH
125 Southwell Road East Rainworth Mansfield Nottinghamshire NG21 0DE
Longsprings Kirklington Road Eakring Newark Nottinghamshire NG22 0DA
17 Eakring Road Bilsthorpe Newark NG22 8PY
16 Maid Marian Avenue Bilsthorpe Nottinghamshire NG22 8SR
25 Forest Link Bilsthorpe Newark NG22 8UD
Northedge Farnsfield Road Bilsthorpe Nottinghamshire
73 Mickledale Lane Bilsthorpe Newark Notts
Milfield 31 Oaktree Drive Bilsthorpe Newark Nottingham
6 Thoresby Glade Bilsthorpe Newark Notts NG22 8SE
3 Woodruff Lane Bilsthorpe Newark Nottinghamshire NG22 8UF
102 Kirklington Road Bilsthorpe Nottinghamshire
11 Cremorne Drive, Bilsthorpe Nottinghamshire NG22 8UR