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This Application Is No Longer Open to Consultation

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  p/a form details PDF 3 MB
  Location plan PDF 790 KB
  Site location plan PDF 416 KB

Group: Decision Notice & Committee Reports

  Committee report PDF 61 MB
  Committee report appendix 1 PDF 6 MB
  Committee report Appendix 2 PDF 13 KB
  Committee report Appendix 3 PDF 113 KB
  Committee report Appendix 4 PDF 1 MB
  Committee report plans PDF 2 MB
  Decision notice PDF 55 KB

Group: Environmental Statement: Appendices

  Appendices - Superseded PDF 2 MB
  Plans/Drawings for Environment Statement - Superseded PDF 25 MB
  Landscape plans/drawings - Superseded PDF 10 MB
  Landscape photography - Superseded PDF 9 MB
  Supporting statement - Superseded PDF 1 MB
  Supporting statement figures - Superseded PDF 13 MB
  Scoping PDF 1 MB
  Screening PDF 762 KB
  Statement of community involvement - Superseded PDF 475 KB
  Elevations - Superseded PDF 3 MB
  Photographs of the site - Superseded PDF 1 MB
  Transport - lorry movements - Superseded PDF 1 MB

Group: Environmental Statement: Chapters

  Environmental Statement - Superseded PDF 1 MB

Group: Environmental Statement: Non-Technical Summary

  Non Technical summary - Superseded PDF 225 KB

Group: Other Plans, Drawings & Information

  proposed site layout - Superseded PDF 1 MB

Group: Reg 22 - Further Information

  Notts County Council request for REG 22 Additional information PDF 20 MB
  Public rights of Way - Superseded PDF 137 KB
  Proposd traffic management plan - Superseded PDF 203 KB
  Proposed site landscape plan - Superseded PDF 873 KB
  Existing site layout showing demolitions - Superseded PDF 333 KB
  REVISED design and access statement - Superseded PDF 7 MB
  Further environmental information - Superseded PDF 30 MB
  REG 22 Request for further information letter 17/12/2012 PDF 45 KB
  Reg 22 Environmental Statement - Revised PDF 1 MB
  Reg 22 ES Supporting technical appendices PDF 20 MB
  Reg 22 ES Figures PDF 53 MB
  Reg 22 Vehicle movment - weighbridge records PDF 15 MB
  Reg 22 Revised Design and access statement PDF 8 MB
  Reg 22 Revised Non Technical Summary Vol 1 PDF 13 MB
  Reg 22 Revised Planning support statement PDF 9 MB
  Reg 22 Revised Statement of community involvement PDF 8 MB
  Reg 22 Groundwater vulnerability plan PDF 1 MB
  Reg 22 Datasheet PDF 280 KB
  Reg 22 Site sensitivity map segment 13A PDF 210 KB
  Reg 22 site sensitivity map slice A plans PDF 609 KB
  Reg 22 Estimated soil chemistry plans PDF 1012 KB
  Reg 22 proposed site layout plan REV J PDF 664 KB
  Reg 22 Proposed site landscape plan REV E PDF 925 KB
  Reg 22 Proposed floor layout Option 3 REV N PDF 1 MB
  Reg 22 proposed floor layout without plan REV J PDF 369 KB
  Reg22 Proposed building B - floor plans PDF 183 KB
  Reg 22 Proposed elevations and sections REV L PDF 616 KB
  Reg 22 proposed elevations and sections REV G PDF 461 KB
  Reg 22 Elevations of new building B REV A PDF 392 KB
  Reg 22 Figure 1 site location plan PDF 3 MB
  Reg 22 Figure 2 existing site and boundaries PDF 3 MB

Group: Supporting Statements

  Design & access statement - Superseded PDF 134 KB

The constraints displayed are only those that fall within the application site boundary, this is not a finite list, other constraints adjacent to or within the site may have been identified by the case officer but not displayed in the list.

Constraint CodeDescription
No records to display.

Please note: The latest publicity notice expiry date also represents the closing date for consultation

Publicity Notices
TypeAdvert Appeared InDisplay dateExpiry date
Site Notice 15/07/201012/08/2010
Press AdvertRETFORD TIMES22/07/201012/08/2010
Site Notice 08/04/201329/04/2013
Site Notice 13/08/201203/09/2012
Press AdvertRETFORD TIMES11/04/201302/05/2013
Press AdvertRETFORD TIMES16/08/201206/09/2012
Press AdvertRETFORD TIMES17/10/2013 

Applications can be inspected during opening times at the following (only council offices will hold these documents outside the consultation period):

Nottinghamshire County Council Planning, Trent Bridge House, Fox Road, West Bridgford, NG2 6BJ
RETFORD LIBRARY Retford Library, Canon Gate, Retford
Tuxford Library Tuxford Library, Lincoln Road, Tuxford
Bassetlaw District Council Bassetlaw District Council, Planning Department, Queens Buildings, Potter Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 2AH
Consultees List
 NameDate SentExpiry DateResponded

Group: Initial Consultation

 Bassetlaw District Council14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 Councillor John Ogle14/07/201004/08/2010 No
 Environment Agency Midlands Region14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 Severn Trent Water Limited14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 Western Power Distribution14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 National Grid (Gas)14/07/201004/08/2010 No
 Government Office East Midlands14/07/201004/08/2010 No
 NCC (Nature Conservation)14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 Via (Countryside Access)14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 NCC (Planning Policy)14/07/201004/08/2010 No
 Via (Landscape) 14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 Spatial Planning - Wayne Allum14/07/201004/08/2010 No
 NCC (Highways) Gedling14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 Via (Noise Engineer) 14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 British Horse Society (Gedling)14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 The Ramblers 14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 Bothamsall Parish Council14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 Gamston Airport14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 NCC (Forestry and Arboriculture)14/07/201004/08/2010 No
 Elkesley Parish Council14/07/201004/08/2010 Yes
 Natural England - Consultation Service05/08/201026/08/2010 Yes
 Highways England10/08/201031/08/2010 Yes
 Bassetlaw Primary Care Trust 25/08/201015/09/2010 Yes
 CRCE Nottingham Health Protection Agency25/08/201015/09/2010 Yes
 Accident Investigation Unit05/05/201126/05/2011 Yes
 Bassetlaw District Council09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 Councillor John Ogle09/08/201230/08/2012 No
 Environment Agency Midlands Region09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 Severn Trent Water Limited09/08/201230/08/2012 No
 Western Power Distribution09/08/201230/08/2012 No
 National Grid (Gas)09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 NCC (Nature Conservation)09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 Via (Countryside Access)09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 NCC (Planning Policy)09/08/201230/08/2012 No
 Via (Landscape) 09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 NCC (Highways) Gedling09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 NCC (Forestry and Arboriculture)09/08/201230/08/2012 No
 Via (Noise Engineer) 09/08/201230/08/2012 No
 British Horse Society (Gedling)09/08/201230/08/2012 No
 The Ramblers 09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 Gamston Airport09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 Bothamsall Parish Council09/08/201230/08/2012 No
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 Natural England - Consultation Service09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 Highways England09/08/201230/08/2012 No
 CRCE Nottingham Health Protection Agency09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 Bassetlaw Primary Care Trust 09/08/201230/08/2012 No
 Accident Investigation Unit09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 Elkesley Parish Council09/08/201230/08/2012 Yes
 Elkesley Against Incineration Campaign Group10/08/201231/08/2012 Yes
 National Farmers Union05/09/2012  Yes
 Forestry Commission05/09/201226/09/2012 No
 Natural England - Consultation Service04/04/201325/04/2013 Yes
 Bassetlaw District Council04/04/201325/04/2013 Yes
 Councillor John Ogle04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 Environment Agency Midlands Region04/04/201325/04/2013 Yes
 Severn Trent Water Limited04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 Western Power Distribution04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 National Grid (Gas)04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 NCC (Nature Conservation)04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 Via (Countryside Access)04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 NCC (Planning Policy)04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 Via (Landscape) 04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 NCC (Forestry and Arboriculture)04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 Via (Noise Engineer) 04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 British Horse Society (Gedling)04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 The Ramblers 04/04/201325/04/2013 Yes
 Gamston Airport04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 Bothamsall Parish Council04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust 04/04/201325/04/2013 Yes
 Highways England04/04/201325/04/2013 Yes
 CRCE Nottingham Health Protection Agency04/04/201325/04/2013 Yes
 Bassetlaw Primary Care Trust 04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 Accident Investigation Unit04/04/201325/04/2013 Yes
 Elkesley Parish Council04/04/201325/04/2013 Yes
 Natural England - Consultation Service04/04/201325/04/2013 Yes
 NCC (Highways) Bassetlaw04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 Planning Casework Unit04/04/201325/04/2013 No
 Elkesley Parish Council10/10/201331/10/2013 No
 Bothamsall Parish Council10/10/201331/10/2013 No
 Tuxford Town Council10/10/201331/10/2013 No
 Bassetlaw District Council10/10/201331/10/2013 No
 Councillor John Ogle10/10/201331/10/2013 No
 Environment Agency Midlands Region10/10/201331/10/2013 No
 Government Office East Midlands10/10/201331/10/2013 No

Group: Re-Consultation

 Government Office East Midlands   No

Listed below are all the neighbours who have been notified of the application and/or have submitted representation

Page size:
 262 items in 14 pages
Specialised Aerosols Co Ltd Carr Green Lane Mapplewell Barnsley South Yorkshire S75 6DY
16 Somerwood Close Long Marton Appleby-in-Westmorland CA16 6BH
17 Fairlea Denton Manchester M34 6EH
23 Temple Crescent Bramley Rotherham S66 1UT
1 Melrose Avenue Littleborough Lancashire OL15 9JD
2 Maytree Close Dartfield Barnsley S73 9JS
51 Rayners Close Stalybridge Cheshire SK15 1TJ
Rose Cottage Wiseton Doncaster DN10 5AE
146 Vale Road Thrybergh Rotherham South Yorkshire S65 4DW
22 Stubin Close Upper Haugh Rotherham S62 7DQ
117 The Oval Ordsall Retford Notts DN22 7SD
James Hartley (Scrap Metals) Ltd Hooley Bridge Works Bamford Road Heywood 0L110 4AA
Rothmore Brook Lane Clowne Chesterfield S43 4RR
41 Thybergh Hall Road Rawmarsh Rotherham S. Yorks S62 5JX
Managing Director Uphouse Farm South Raynham Norfolk NR21 7HW
47 Swinton Copse New Ollerton Newark Notts NG22 9HW
Applied Group Lower Farm Eastmoor Derbyshire S42 7DH
30 South Parade Worksop Nottinghamshire S81 0BW
Willems Bailing Equipment BV Hallenstraat 12D 5531 AB Bladel Netherlands
11 Hill Mount Dukinfield SK16 5HT
Associated Documents
NameFile TypeSize
Committee report PDF 61 MB
Committee report appendix 1 PDF 6 MB
Committee report Appendix 2 PDF 13 KB
Committee report Appendix 3 PDF 113 KB
Committee report Appendix 4 PDF 1 MB
Committee report plans PDF 2 MB
Decision notice PDF 55 KB