Recycling centre registration FAQs

Why do I need to register to use the sites?

Registering as a Nottinghamshire resident on the system will allow us to ensure that only our residents can use the county’s recycling centres in order to protect budgets and ensure a high level of service is maintained.

The need for residents to register has been implemented due to significant usage of Nottinghamshire’s recycling centres by out of county residents. We estimate this is costing the County Council over £1m pa to deal with.

Past surveys indicate that cross border usage may be as much as 15% for some facilities due both to the proximity of many of the County Council’s recycling centres to the county boundaries, as well as a lower number of sites and shorter opening hours for facilities in neighbouring authorities. For example the 2013/14 waste tonnage figures show the waste per household deposited at Nottinghamshire recycling centres was 239kg, compared to 54kg per household in Nottingham City.

What happens if I change my vehicle/s?

If you change your vehicle it is a simple process of logging back into your account or calling our Customer Service Centre and adding a new vehicle to your file, this will replace your existing vehicle/s.

What happens if I move home?

If you move home within Nottinghamshire you will need to update your details on the system. If you move home out of the county you will then need to use the recycling centre(s) within your new local authority area instead.

Will I need to take any ID on site with me?

Not normally because the system can check that your address is within Nottinghamshire, however in the unlikely event that the system doesn’t recognise your Nottinghamshire address you will need to bring along further identification. The system will tell you this when you register.

Is there a charge for registration?

No, registration is on-line, completely free, quick and easy. You can also register by telephone through our Customer Service Centre by calling 0300 500 80 80.

How will checks be undertaken?

Vehicle checks will be undertaken using handheld devices. These will be used to confirm that the registration numbers of vehicles using the sites are registered on the system. The site staff only see a traffic light system that indicates whether your vehicle is registered or not, and will have no access to any personal information.

What will happen to the data you're collecting about me?

From an access to data stance, our Waste Management service will simply require access to the number of times a specific vehicle has attended particular sites. The Waste Management service does not as a matter of course have access to any personal data in relation to users of the system, and can only check whether a vehicle is registered or not. However since disposing of trade waste at recycling centres is illegal, should we suspect that a vehicle is delivering trade waste we may request the details of the registered user for further investigation.

I already have an existing van/trailer or pick up permit, do I still need to register?

Paper permits that were previously required for vans, pick-ups, vehicles with trailers and sign-written vehicles are no longer accepted at recycling centres and these vehicles should now be registered in the same way as all other vehicles.

How quickly after registering my vehicle can I access the sites?

Registration is instant, so as long as you have access to your email to validate your account you will be able to access the site straight away.

Do I need to specify which site I intend to use?

No, once you’ve registered your vehicle on the system you are free to use any of the county’s 12 recycling centres.

Am I now limited on how often I can use the sites?

No, you can make as many visits to the sites as you wish as long as you’re only disposing of your own household waste that comes from the property you have registered with. However, recycling centre staff have an obligation to ensure that the sites are not being used by traders, so you may at times be asked about the source of your waste, and asked to fill in a Household Waste Declaration form to confirm where the waste came from.

Won’t this encourage fly tipping?

We do not believe there will be an increase in fly tipping as this is illegal, and the vast majority of people are law abiding. Most instances of fly tipping is waste deposited by unscrupulous small traders, and therefore would not be accepted at the Recycling Centres anyway.

What happens if I don’t have internet access to register?

If you don’t have access to the internet you can register to access the recycling centre sites by calling our Customer Service Centre on 0300 500 80 80 who will process it over the phone on your behalf.

I live outside of Nottinghamshire – can I register?

No, if you live in other local authority areas including Nottingham City you will need to use the recycling centres within your area. If you live in Nottingham City and still have a van, pick-up or trailer permit for Calverton Recycling Centre (which the City Council no longer financially contribute towards) this will no longer be valid.

Do people with a disability blue badge need to register?

Everyone who has a vehicle and accesses the recycling centres needs to register their vehicle. The form is quick and easy to complete online or over the phone. There will still be people onsite to assist people with disabilities when they visit one of the recycling centres.

What about hire cars?

If you have a hire car and find that you need to access a recycling centre you will need to register the hire car. You can register up to two vehicles and you can change the registration of the vehicle that you are using at the time and the one that you will be using when visiting a recycling centre.

Will I be turned away from the recycling centre if I haven’t registered?

If the check shows your vehicle isn’t registered and you have previously been given information on how to register then you will be turned away until you have registered your vehicle.

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