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Asbestos is dangerous to human health and must be disposed of safely. It is not accepted at recycling centres.

If you are a resident and dismantle and remove a structure containing cement bonded asbestos yourself from your own home, you can book an appointment to dispose of it at a dedicated site for a fee of £120, providing you meet certain criteria.


To use this service, you must:

  • be a Nottinghamshire resident
  • have dismantled and removed the cement bonded asbestos yourself from your own home, garage or shed
  • use a car, car with trailer, minibus, motorhome or hire van up to 3.5t GVW to visit the site to dispose of the cement bonded asbestos in one load
  • be able to place the cement bonded asbestos into the skips provided yourself as no assistance will be available


You cannot use this service if:

  • you have already used the service before to dispose of asbestos from your property
  • the asbestos has not come from your property or has been fly-tipped on your land
  • the asbestos originates from other outbuildings, farm buildings or forms part of conversion works
  • the asbestos is not cement bonded
  • you are a business or trader
  • you are a landlord and the asbestos has come from a rental property
  • a trader has dismantled the structure and left you with the asbestos

You will need

  • details of the vehicle you will be using to dispose of the cement bonded asbestos including registration number. If you will be using a hire van, you will need to provide details of the hire company including address and contact details
  • the date and time you wish to book your appointment for
  • your payment details

What will happen next

Before starting the registration form you will be asked to create an online account with us, or to log in if you already have one. Once you have created and logged in to your online account you will need to complete the form to book an asbestos disposal appointment.

Once you have completed the form we will notify you with a booking number to confirm your appointment.

View the terms and conditions and instructions to follow when attending your appointment.

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Alternative ways to do this

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