Local bus strategy

North Nottinghamshire previously had two bus strategies for developing the bus network in Nottinghamshire; one for North Nottinghamshire and one for Greater Nottingham.

Both of these strategies expired at the end of 2010/11.

The existing strategies are included within the Nottinghamshire Local Transport Plan (LTP) which sets out the County Council's overarching transport strategy for Nottinghamshire.

An integrated passenger transport strategy (which will include buses) is, however, currently being developed for Nottinghamshire which will complement the LTP.  The draft Strategy sets out how the County Council, working in partnership with operators and other partners, aims to improve the quality of passenger transport in Nottinghamshire.

We are currently consulting on the draft Integrated Passenger Transport Strategy.  

Former bus strategies

Local bus services

We and our partners recognise the need to provide better information about local bus services through a co-ordinated approach to the delivery of information to ensure that:

  • the needs of bus service users are met in the short, medium and long term
  • information is provided to encourage new bus service users
  • the roles of both bus operators and the County Council are defined in the delivery of this information.

The local bus information strategy [PDF] is just one part of a wider strategic approach to the planning and delivery of passenger transport in the county.

Bus stops and bus shelters

A policy for the provision of bus stops and bus shelters in Nottinghamshire [PDF] has been developed setting out:

  • the minimum standards for bus stops and bus shelters
  • our promise to bus users
  • the procedure for providing new stops or reviewing existing stops
  • how complaints will be dealt with
  • cleaning and maintenance
  • new developments.

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