Independent Travel Training for children and young people

Independent Travel Training (ITT) is for children and young people unable, or restricted in their ability, to travel unassisted on public transport because of learning difficulties or physical disabilities.

The training is provided by staff at schools or college.

About the programme

The aim of ITT is for people to gain total travel independence, following positive safe travel practice with the assistance of an adult.

The objectives are:

  • gain an understanding of safe practice, leading to a reduction of road accidents
  • gain increased self-esteem
  • have an enhanced quality of social life
  • have raised aspirations for job prospects.

On completion of the programme, participants should be able to travel independently to local and more widespread landmarks, work, day centres, work experience, school/college and back home.

Who the programme is for

The ITT programme and resources are provided free to schools, colleges and other providers in Nottinghamshire. It can fit into the curriculum in:

  • PSHE
  • specific 'take out' lessons for students who are vulnerable or with learning difficulties
  • geography
  • nurture groups
  • lunch time groups.

Everyone can benefit from the programme, particularly students with learning difficulties and others of a nervous nature. Where a school/college is taking part, letters and information leaflets will be sent home to parents.

The programme is regarded as a 'Category A' visit in terms of risk assessment, which is a 'run of the mill' outing. This puts it in the same category as an outing to the library to access resources there or to the local church to do a history project.


If you want to make use of this training, please complete the online form.

Get the programme for your school

Our ITT staff will contact schools and colleges and develop training resource packs for each specific establishment. If we haven’t contacted you, please get in touch with us using the information at the bottom of the page. Our travel training staff will then:

  • train 'in-house' trainers
  • provide support and advice on an ongoing basis
  • monitor the progress at each establishment
  • review the scheme continually to reflect feedback.

All resources are free for Nottinghamshire educational establishments and  other service providers.

We reward schools/colleges who are running the programme and have made really good progress with an Excellent School Award. Accreditation is in the form of an A4 award certificate. Contact us for more information about the award.

Contact us

Find out more by contacting the Independent Travel Training team:

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