Safe places

We have approached specific partners and local businesses to become a 'Safe Place' for students undertaking Independent Travel Training (ITT) in Nottinghamshire.

We are working closely with Mencap who already have some strong links in Nottinghamshire and around the UK. Their stickers are already placed in lots of businesses.

If an ITT student is feeling anxious when out in Nottinghamshire on their own, they can go to one of the listed safe places to get help.

Safe Places in Nottinghamshire

All safe places in Nottinghamshire can be found on the safe place website, by using the FREE safe place app.

The safe places sign will be shown prominently in a shop window or at the customer service desk.

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Reasons why a student may need support

A student may need support at a safe place if:

  • they have been picked on or taunted by someone
  • they are lost or confused
  • they are unwell
  • they need the toilet
  • they are afraid for some reason
  • they have lost their mobile phone or it is not working
  • they have lost their travel pass or money
  • they have missed their bus.

How to become a Safe Place

If you would like to become a safe place, please first read the guidance below and then contact Mencap.

Safe Place partners agree to:

  • keep ITT students safe and comfortable
  • provide a safe and secure environment (shelter, comfort, refreshments)
  • help to address any situations that have caused the student anxiety by providing help and guidance.

Safe Place partners should:

  • be friendly, welcoming and listen carefully to the student
  • take them to a quiet place to allow them to calm down and explain their difficulties
  • be calm and approachable
  • assess accurately what the problem is
  • decide on a course of action
  • help the student to resolve the situation positively
  • if the problems cannot be easily resolved, contact Nottinghamshire County Council staff who will deal with the situation.

A safe place sign will be provided and should be displayed in a prominent position in the partner's shop or at the customer services desk, as applicable.

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