Tram concessionary pass consultation

We want your views on whether changes should be made to the concessionary tram scheme. Have your say before 7 January 2024.

We are a Travel Concession Authority (TCA) and have a statutory duty to provide free travel on local bus services for holders of a valid English National Concessionary Travel Pass. Holders of concessionary passes are split into two groups:

  • those meeting the elderly age of entitlement, 
  • those with a disability. 

The pass allows free travel on buses between 9.30am and 11pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and bank holidays. 

We also offer free tram travel on the tram network during these times to these concessionary pass holders as part of the tram concession scheme. This, however, is a non-statutory requirement.

These tram journeys made by concessionary pass holders and their companions cost the county council £0.9m per year.

We, like other councils, are seeing financial pressures on our budget due to record levels of inflation and energy costs.

The current projected shortfall for 2024/25 is £8.7m with the three-year deficit to 2026/27 increasing to £60.2m.

Due to the significant cost of the tram concessionary scheme, we want your views on whether changes should be made to the scheme to reduce the cost to the council, which will vary depending on which of the four options is considered. The potential reductions in cost for each option takes into account that residents may travel by bus rather than the tram.

The four options we are consulting on are: 

  1. No change - tram concession arrangements stay the same.
  2. Introduce half fare payment - both elderly and disabled concessionary pass holders pay half fare.
  3. Keep free tram travel for disabled concessionary pass holders only and their companions.
  4. Withdraw free travel on the tram for all concessionary pass holders.

Find out more and have your say in the consultation.

Are there other ways I can have my say? 

From Monday 13 November, printed copies of the consultation will be available at all libraries across Nottinghamshire. To get a printed copy, just ask a member of library staff.

You can also download a printable version of the consultation and return it using the Freepost instructions within the document.

You can also download an easy read version of the consultation. 

If you require this consultation in a different format, please contact: 

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