Concessionary travel passes: terms and conditions

  • The below terms and conditions are associated for the use of your bus pass and are published by Nottinghamshire County Council, who are the issuer and owner of the bus pass.
  • Nottinghamshire County Council may update these from time to time. They are in addition to and do not affect any statutory rights as set out in the Transport Act 1985, 2000, the Concessionary Travel Act 2007 or any subsequent acts.
  • The terms below are separate to the Scheme Definition for Operators and Arrangements for Reimbursement, which are updated annually.

National Standard Pass (Older Persons, Disabled Persons)

  1. Nottinghamshire County Council issued concessionary bus pass can only be used by the cardholder named and pictured on the front of the pass. The pass is not transferable.
  2. The pass is valid for travel on bus services for journeys permitted within the scheme (normally all registered local bus services except services that charge a premium fare, include an amenity element*, National Express coach services and Rail Replacement Services). These services may be subject to change at any time.
  3. The pass must be shown to the driver and/or presented to a smart-card reader at the time of travel to obtain the concession, and to any authorised official on demand. Failure to do so will result in the appropriate full adult (standard) fare being charged. The right is reserved to seek confirmation of the holder's identity.
  4. The pass remains the property of Nottinghamshire County Council. The pass should be surrendered should the holder become ineligible, move to a different authority area or no longer require it.
  5. It is the responsibility of the pass holder to look after the pass. Damage to the pass can render it unable to work as a ‘contactless smart card’.
  6. If lost, stolen or damaged, please contact the customer service team A non-refundable charge will apply for a replacement unless you have been provided with a Crime Number from the police if the pass was stolen.  This must be a Crime Number and not an Incident Number
  7. Passengers using this pass will be carried as per the conditions of carriage of the bus company on which they are travelling. The pass confers no rights upon the holder other than those of a fare paying passenger.
  8. Nottinghamshire County Council reserves the right to monitor journeys for the detection and prevention of crime
  9. Fraudulent use of this pass may result in its withdrawal and may lead to prosecution.
  10. The Nottinghamshire concessionary bus pass is valid for travel within England between 9:30am to 11pm, Monday to Friday and all day weekends and Bank holidays. The pass is also valid for travel on the NET tram. However, please note that other areas may operate different rules and certain restrictions may apply to some services.
  11. Generally, the nationally offered time of operation is defined as between 9.30am to 11.00pm Monday to Friday, and at any time at weekends and bank holidays. We would advise checking with the relevant authority or bus operator prior to travel.
  12. Concessionary bus pass holders must notify Nottinghamshire County Council immediately if their circumstances change, or if they cease to qualify for any other reason.
  13. A bus pass holder may only have one bus pass from one English authority. It is not permitted to have one for an authority where that person is not ordinarily resident.

Additional information: Companion Entitlement Bus Pass (Disabled Persons)

  1. A bus pass displaying the C ‘companion’ logo in the top right hand corner means that the holder may be accompanied by someone to support them on their journey. The companion does not have to pay a bus fare if they’re accompanying the companion pass holder during eligible hours as detailed above.
  2. . A companion cannot travel for free without the pass holder.
  3. . Companions can only travel free of charge when boarding a bus within the Nottinghamshire County Council or Nottingham City Council boundaries during eligible hours as detailed above.
  4. The companion of a pass holder with an English National Concessionary bus pass will have to pay the full fare should they board a bus outside of the Nottinghamshire County Council or Nottingham City Council boundaries.
  5. A Companion pass holder does not have to travel with a companion where they can safely make the journey alone.
  6. A pass holder is not permitted to have two bus passes (one companion, one standard). When an existing bus pass is superseded, it is cancelled and should be destroyed.
  7. It is the responsibility of a Companion Pass holder to inform Nottinghamshire County Council if their circumstances change.

If a pass holder is having issues with their local bus route not accepting the pass, they should contact the customer service team.

Note * - please check with your local operator about exclusions.

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