Temporary activities in the highway

Anyone wishing to carry out works or other activities on the Highway must give notice of this intention to us as the highway authority.

Highway includes:

  • carriageway
  • footway
  • verge¬†any other area between highway boundaries.

Most organisations with a statutory right to undertake work (usually major utility companies) will give notice electronically.

Those organisation which cannot give notice electronically or which do not have a statutory right to operate in the highway must give notice in the prescribed format by completing our works notice form [Word].

Guidance about the requirements for notices are set out in a flow diagram [PDF].

On completion of works which involve excavation, reinstatement details must also be registered [Word].

Additional requirements

Those organisations or individuals not having a statutory right to carry out works or other activities in the highway may require specific consent, permission, licence or other authorisation. This includes authorisation to place signs on the highway whether or not the activity is taking place on the highway.

Applications forms for the most frequent activities are available here.

Licence to place apparatus in the highway (section 50)

Consent to make a temporary excavation in the highway (section 171)

Traffic controls or restrictions

When works or other activities require traffic controls or restrictions there are additional measures which have to be agreed. These measures ensure that activities on the wider road network are coordinated and road users are made aware in order to minimise disruption, to address safety and to protect the structure of the street and apparatus in it.

It is also a legal requirement to obtain authorisation and a formal legal order may be required.

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