Apply for a pavement cafe licence

In response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the Government has temporarily granted powers allowing District Councils to provide a cheaper, and more efficient way for businesses to obtain pavement café licences.

The fee for making an application under the new process, is capped at £100 and the District Councils have up to 10 working days (excluding public holidays)  to grant a licence.

The licences issued by District Councils may remain in place for one year but may not extend beyond 30 September 2021.

Contact your relevant district or borough council licencing team:

Alternatively, you can apply through the county council, however it will be your responsibility to obtain any other necessary consent.


Seating for 6 persons or fewer - £100 initial application fee with an annual renewal of £100.

Seating for 7 persons or more - £200 initial application fee with an annual renewal of £100.

The period for the County Council to make a decision on granting a pavement cafe licence is currently 90 days.


Download an application form for a pavement cafe licence [Word].

Please do not include any payment.

Before you apply

Please read the standard conditions [Word] within the application form.

We recommend that you contact your local borough or district council (as the local planning authority). A premises licence will be required and there may be other planning issues to address.

We will only grant a pavement café licence with the agreement of your local district council and the police.

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