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 Route type

 walk (circular)


 3.75 miles

 Number of stiles


 Surface and gradients

 mixed surfaces and moderate gradients

 Parking nearby


 On bus routes

 yes - plan a journey

 Starting point

Teversal Trails Visitor Centre, Carnarvon St,

off Fackley Road, Teversal, Sutton-in-Ashfield.

 OS map number

 Explorer 269

This enjoyable short walk takes you through the beautiful countryside around Teversal. If the view from the summit doesn't leave you breathless the hills just might.


  1. From the car park of the Teversal Trails Visitor Centre, walk through the Coal Garden to reach a gateway. Through the gate take the path immediately on your right and in a few yards turn right again along a wider path running between trees. This is an old railway line, part of the Teversal Trails network. Follow this track for about half a mile, passing under a bridge and walking in a cutting then on an embankment. Eventually your path takes you over two bridges and at the second one our route turns left down the embankment over a stile to follow a path downhill. At the bottom cross the wooden footbridge over the stream.

  2. Over the bridge, walk straight ahead, cutting across the corner of the field to the edge of a small woodland, Coppy Wood, then bearing right along the field edge. On reaching the corner of the wood, the path heads diagonally across the field to the left, heading uphill on a well-trodden path. At the top of the field, cross the stile to reach a road, and walk straight ahead, passing the stone built house to your left. After a short distance you reach the entrance to Teversal Church. Walk into the churchyard, and follow the path that runs past the door of the church to reach a gate at the far side of the churchyard.

  3. Passing through the gate, head right and ahead you will see a tarmac path that leads to a gap in the stone wall, with wooden posts in the gap. Walk through this gap and continue ahead on the pavement alongside a tree-lined road to a junction ahead. Turn left and follow the pavement, which soon narrows as the road heads downhill, passing beneath a railway bridge. Soon the road bends sharply to the left. Cross the road with care here opposite the large white house, to pass through a gateway and up a wide tarmac track (a former entrance to Silverhill Colliery). At the top of the rise follow the track as it bends left, soon reaching a junction of tracks by a lake.

  4. Turn right and follow this track as it winds across the site until eventually the view opens up ahead of you, with Hardwick Hall on a wooded hill and the M1 motorway in the valley below. The track then bends sharply left, and shortly passes another track on your right. Our route ignores the right hand track but follows the track that runs ahead over the top of the hill and straight down the other side to emerge on the road at a gateway. Turn left along the pavement to reach a junction of roads to pass in front of the pub and under the railway bridge. You will soon find Carnarvon Street on your left, which leads you back to your start point at the Visitor Centre.