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Capturing the beauty of Clumber

 Route type

 walk (circular)


 5.5 miles

 Surface and gradients

 mixed surfaces and no steep gradients

 Parking nearby


 On bus routes

 yes - plan a journey

 On-road sections


 Starting point

The car park and bus stop area and facing the lake, Clumber Park.

 OS map number

 Explorer 270


  1. From the car park and bus stop area and facing the lake, follow the track that passes to the right of the complex towards the lake shore.

  2. Heading to the right, reach the lakeside path via the cobbled path, actually a slipway for boats. Follow this path alongside the lake and into a wooded area. Passing the grotto, you emerge on an estate road. The main route turns right, through it is worth the short detour to the left to take in the view from Clumber Bridge, down the lake towards Clumber Chapel.

  3. Heading north on the estate road, (part of the National Cycle Network) the route emerges onto the main road through the estate, Limetree Avenue. Turn right alongside the road, (planted with young Limes) as it crosses an open grassy area, to reach a crossroads.

  4. Turn left at the crossroads and almost immediately fork to the right onto a signposted bridleway. (Please take care when crossing Limetree Avenue as it can get quite busy.) Shortly the track forks and our route follows the left fork. This bridleway runs all the way to Clumber Road. Our route is rejoined by the National Cycle Network shortly before reaching the road.

  5. Cross Clumber Road and head straight on up the track ahead. Upon reaching a pair of brick cottages, out route turns sharp right to follow a long straight track through the conifer plantation (the National Cycle Network continues past the cottages towards Manton). Emerging from the conifer plantation the bridleway continues ahead across an area of scrubby heathland, soon reaching Clumber Road again. Cross the road and head straight along the well-defined bridleway track ahead, following this all the way to a parking and barbecue area at Limetree Avenue.

  6. Cross Limetree Avenue, (the Limes are mature here) and follow the bridleway ahead, with an open grassy area to your right and a conifer plantation to your left. On reaching the next estate road, turn right then almost immediately left onto a well-defined track across an open area. On reaching the next estate road, turn left to cross a causeway over on the end of Clumber Lake.

  7. Follow the track over the causeway and turn sharp right, still with the lake on both sides, following this well-defined path uphill. Following the telegraph poles to the top of the slope, shortly you reach a crossroads of tracks. Turn left and after a few yards follow the right fork of the well surfaced track which runs through a wood to reach a stile. Follow the path ahead through the grassy field, (the path is well worn) to return to the main visitor complex by Clumber Chapel, with the car park and bus stop ahead of you.