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Bishop's walkabout

 Route type

 walk (circular)
 Distance  3.5 miles
 Surface and gradients  mixed surfaces and moderate gradients 
 Number of stile  6 or more
 Parking nearby  yes
 On bus routes  yes - plan a journey
 On-road sections  yes
 Starting point

 Car park on Nottingham Road, west of Cropwell Bishop.

 OS map number  Explorer 260


  1. Leave the car park on the left hand side and walk along the side of the playing field with the canal on your left and a fence on your right. Continue along the next field. Continue through the next field keeping the dry bed of the canal on your left. Carry on through three fields, always keeping the canal on your left. You will pass over three stiles. Go over a fourth stile and into the next field with the fencing on your right, you will see the wooded Hoe Hill on your right.

    The path contines with hedges along both sides until you come to a kissing gate. This leads out onto a wide track, with a concrete bridge on your left. Do not cross it but carry on along the track until it turns to the right. DO not follow the track, instead carry straight on through a kissing gate, along a path with hedges along both sides until the site of an old lock is reached.

  2. Turn sharp right - signposted bridleway - just before the gates that lead out onto the car park by the Fosse Way and follow the farm track. You will pass a sizeable pond on the right. This is what remains of a claypit.

  3. Follow the path right, around the edge of the pond, until you come to a sign post and a junction of tracks. Turn left and follow the bridleway, which is the surfaced track, ignoring the footpath straight ahead. The bridleway is headged on both sides and leads out onto Hoe Hill Lane.

  4. Turn left at the junction with Hoe Hill Lane, after about 150 yards turn right through the waymarked gate/gap. Cross the field and aim for the left hand corner of the housing estate, then continue in the same direction with the fence on the right hand side, to the road.

  5. Pass the cut through on your right and carry on to the end of the field, over a stile. Turn right almost immediately into Butler Close, and then shortly after turn left past Peach Cottage where there is a signpost for a footpath going between two garden fences. On reaching the field, head diagonally across it to the buildings in the far corner, cross over a stile, then over another stile and onto the road.

  6. Turn right and walk along the pavement for a couple of yards until you are level with the signpost and a gap in the hedge on the other side of the road. Cross over the road with care and go through this gap. Turn right down the field edge path keeping the hedge on the right. You will come to a field gate on your right, turn left here and walk past the waymark post (keeping the ditch on your right).

    Follow the path around the field edge, passing a small wetland pond area, to a waymarked post and a concrete bridge. Cross the bridge and continue ahead down the field edge with a ditch on the right hand side.

    You will come to a second bridge, cross this and turn immediately right, ignoring the cross field path to your left. Follow this path around the field edge. On reaching the field corner, continue straight on the path ahead across the field, heading towards the left hand corner of the chainlink fence surrounding the school playing field. On reaching the corner, continue along with the fence on the right hand side and cross the stile. Go left around the pond and carry on to a second stile and signpost out on to the main road. Turn right and go back through Cropwell Bishop passing the church at the road junction. Continue along the main road until the Cropwell Bishop Creamery is reached. From here continue along the main road, passing the village hall on your right back to the car park by the canal.