Green Growth

After declaring a climate emergency in May 2021 we are committed to putting the environment at the heart of the County Council's business over the next 10 years.

We will be on the front foot, and we will make this a priority and build on this progress already made by putting sustainability at the heart of what we do. This includes ensuring that where we are investing in infrastructure or supporting development, that it incorporates environmental measures to protect habitats, to encourage pollination and to offset our carbon footprint.
Councillor Ben Bradley MP

Here’s how we’re delivering on our environmental promise to be carbon neutral by 2030.

A £1.14 billion deal for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Nottingham.

The Devolution deal is a golden opportunity to improve the lives of not only Nottinghamshire residents, but the 2.2 million people who call the East Midlands home by creating a greener future.

Devolution means we can work more effectively on a larger scale on cleaner air, more energy efficient homes, to promote renewable energy, and more, with clean heat coordination and a new local energy plan.

Fusion energy technology is expected to play a crucial role in helping to achieve net zero emissions in a safe and sustainable way during the second half of this century.

The new STEP prototype fusion energy plant, recently confirmed for Nottinghamshire is a ground-breaking multi-billion investment in research to provide clean energy and to demonstrate how fusion could work on a commercial scale.

Fusion produces no greenhouse gas emissions nor any waste products. Helium, a non-toxic gas, is the only by-product. It is inherently safe as if any disturbance occurs the plasma cools within seconds and the reaction stops.

Fusion can produce energy on demand and isn’t affected by the weather, and fusion power stations need less land than other renewable technologies. It’s an incredibly exciting area and could be the key to the planet’s energy needs, potentially powering the planet for hundreds of millions of years, as the raw materials are found in seawater and the earth’s crust.

Got a question or query about STEP? Get in touch with the UK Atomic Energy Authority

Nottinghamshire County Council is part of a group of public and private sector partners driving plans for the East Midlands Freeport, to deliver jobs, investment, and green technology.

Miner2Major is a five year Landscape Partnership scheme celebrating the important habitats, special species and rich heritage of Sherwood Forest. It is supported by a £2.5million grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The scheme brings together communities, local authorities, organisations and businesses to make an impact at a landscape scale for the area’s natural environment and heritage. Through delivery of a range of partnership projects it restores and connects valuable habitats across former coalfield areas, helps protect iconic and endangered species, records and celebrates local heritage, supports the visitor economy, improves skills and increases community engagement and volunteering.

We are moving towards greener and cleaner investments as part of our pensions fund portfolio.

We have already invested in infrastructure which includes a significant proportion of clean energy investments, and we plan to do more, including sustainable and low carbon equity investments.

We will do this while ensuring that we continue to pay the future pensions of our 145,000 members.

The future is bright and green in an ambitious research project for tourism and environmental protection in Nottinghamshire.

The 5G Connected Forest brings together academics, 3D creators, 5G experts, developers and conservation organisations.

Plans include:

  • Using 3D modelling and augmented reality headsets to bring the legend of Robin Hood to life at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, providing a visitor experience for all ages.
  • Technology to teach children about the natural habitat of the forest to inspire the next generation of conservationists.
  • Robots or drones capable of surveying and monitoring the health of the forest, while minimising the impact on the environment.


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