Inward Investment for Nottinghamshire

Let your know your thoughts on our Inward Investment Framework, submit your views.

Nottinghamshire is a thriving location with a wealth of investment, development and business opportunities for any size or type of business.

Despite recent economic challenges, the United Kingdom has maintained a strong inward investment landscape with 2021/22 seeing over 1,500 projects, 55,000 new jobs and £10 billion in large capital investment.

As detailed in The Nottinghamshire Plan we want to raise the national and international profile of Nottinghamshire and create the right conditions for investment and economic growth.

Inward Investment Framework

We want Nottinghamshire to benefit even more from inward investment and as a result, the County Council has developed a framework to provide a high-level vision for how this can be achieved.

We are now looking for feedback from our partners, businesses, landholders, and developers to help ensure the framework is on the right lines – that it will achieve the goal of maximising the potential of inward investment opportunities in our county and reflects the priorities of all those currently operating and living in Nottinghamshire, as well as those aspiring to relocate here.  

Help us shape plans to make Nottinghamshire an even better place where people love to live, work and visit.

Give your views on Inward Investment Framework

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