Inward Investment for Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire is a thriving location with a wealth of investment, development and business opportunities for any size or type of business.

Despite recent economic challenges, the United Kingdom has maintained a strong inward investment landscape with 2021/22 seeing over 1,500 projects, 55,000 new jobs and £10 billion in large capital investment.

As detailed in The Nottinghamshire Plan we want to raise the national and international profile of Nottinghamshire and create the right conditions for investment in our places and economic growth.

Inward Investment Framework

We want Nottinghamshire to benefit even more from inward investment. This includes supporting growth in existing and new UK businesses, and further investment in skills and sustainability for our local places. The County Council has launched a framework across Nottinghamshire as the high-level vision for how this can be achieved in partnership.

Read the full Framework.

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Adaptive Investment For Growth Report 

With one of the themes of the Inward Investment Framework being sustainability, the Council has also worked with the Environment Agency to develop the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire ‘Adaptive Investment For Growth Report’.

The report provides scorecards of environmental equalities and increasing climate change risks across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. It identifies the common causes and increasing consequences and offers an assessment of shared climate change adaptation needs for investment. It invites a better understanding of how climate change:

  • accelerates and exacerbates a range of existing environmental risks
  • worsens impacts on public heath, liveability and local economic productivity
  • increases sustainability constraints, potential global shocks and threats to future prosperity

Read the Adaptive Investment for Growth Report.

To learn more about our Economy and Environment Partnership, visit the East Midlands Climate, Innovation, & Investment Exhibition

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