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Benefits and Other Financial Help


The presentation will last approximately 1 hour and is split into two parts, with the opportunity for questions at the end.

Part 1: An overview of claiming Job Seekers Allowance, both Contribution and Income based JSA

  • tax credits and pension credit
  • payment of National Insurance contributions (class 1) 
  • potential help with mortgage interest, paid from the 13th week
  • claiming housing benefit and council tax from your local authority.

Part 2: Services provided by Jobcentre Plus

  • accessing vacancies through the Jobcentre Plus website, Job points or using Jobseeker Direct. 
  • work trials
  • travel to interview scheme
  • help for professional and executive customers
  • self employment
  • in work benefit calculations
  • help with child care
  • part-time study and voluntary work
  • assistance provided by the Disability Employment Adviser
  • active networking methods.


  • provider: Job Centre Plus
  • cost: free
  • duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • enrol: please book your place via BMS Portal (select the learning tab)
  • course code: CL/188BOFH.