Work placements for young people not in education or employment, and young people with learning disabilities

If you live in Nottinghamshire and are aged between 16-25 and either:

  • are not in education, employment or training
  • have a learning difficulty/disability or Asperger's

We can support you to find a work placement with a local employer leading to sustainable employment opportunities.

Engage2Employ works with local employers, colleges, schools and training providers, to find work placements matched to you. We will:

  • help you decide what kind of work placement would suit you
  • link you with a provider if you’re not currently in any training or education
  • make the arrangements and help you make those first steps
  • provide a job coach to help you learn the tasks and settle in
  • work with you and the employer to provide all the support you need
  • visit regularly to see how you are getting on
  • provide support when the placement progresses to employment or an internship

Young people, parents/carers and providers, can find out more by contacting the project coordinator on 01623 476830.

Case Study

undefinedJack arrived at Portland College in September 2013. He had moderate difficulties with social interaction and expressing himself verbally. His autistic tendencies also meant that he looked to spend much of the time on his own and away from other Learners.

After participating in various internal work experience opportunities he was keen to become more independent and to further develop his employability/functional skills, working towards paid employment and to be able to travel ‘to and from’ work independently. Jack undertook 3 more external work placements, after successfully completing a formal interview process with each host employer.

Jack was ultimately offered part-time paid employment with two employers, and decided to accept both offers. Jack now travels completely independently to each workplace on different days of the week.

Jack has made significant and marked progress. His social, communication and employability targets were all exceeded and he continues to interact at all levels and appropriately to any situation he finds himself in.

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