All content online has a lifecycle and that includes a retirement phase.

This happens where the information or access is no longer needed. This may be because the service is no longer offered. 

Where content is retired we deal with it in the same careful way as when we create it. 

Letting users know

We will let users know that the service is being discontinued or will no longer be available through the county council. 

Alongside this we will clearly direct them to alternative access or service provision, where available. 

We aim to disrupt customers as little as possible when our services, or online access to them, changes. 

Redirect traffic

Customers trying to reach the old home of the content should be redirected as gently as possible to its new location or information about it being discontinued. 

Where we have moved to a new website we have worked hard to create redirect information for all old pages in order to move customers gently to the new location. 


Data gathered when the digital service or site was live should be managed and retained under the records retention policy in place for the service. 

Where ownership of a service or site is transferred to a new owner, data will be transferred in accordance with data protection policy. 

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