Making a site live is not the end of a process, but is actually closer to the beginning. 

By this time we've built a digital service or site which addresses customer and organisational needs; is resilient; and has the correct analytics embedded so we can measure performance. 

Once the page is the official online home of particular information or a service from the Council ongoing work to understand more about customer behaviour and need gets underway. This is continued testing and data gathering on how well the page or content meets the customer need identified in previous phases

The whole process of discovery, alpha, beta and live will run at a smaller scale on particular content throughout its lifecycle to ensure improvements continue to be made.

In September 2015 a new version of was made live as the official online channel of Nottinghamshire County Council. 

This website made improvements to many of the services and the information the Council has. However, some areas are still moving through their beta phase - the initial improvements - toward their ongoing live phase. 


We collect data through the analytics on the website. 

Usability (and accessibility) testing is also carried out on the site overall and on smaller areas of content or functionality. Sign up to our emailme bulletin to find out about opportunities to get involved. 

You can also send us feedback on your opinion of the website, or pages that you have used, through our feedback form

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