4Uth 2016 winners

Ashfield winner: Brodie Colton

Brodie is 18, and lives in Stanton Hill. She is a member of Quarrydale Young People’s Centre and was nominated for the 4Uth awards by youth worker Eve Houldsworth.

In February, during its annual Budget meeting, the county council announced it was keeping Quarrydale Young People’s Centre open after listening to the views of young people including campaigner Brodie Colton.

undefinedBrodie impressed youth leaders so much with her determination to preserve Quarrydale Young People’s Centre that she was named as the Ashfield district winner for this year’s 4Uth Awards.

Throughout her early teens Brodie found communicating appropriately with other young people difficult and felt self-destructive at the time. Her youth leaders say that not only has Brodie found her personal development as a young female difficult, her support network was erratic at times too as her mum, Becky, 36, has had varying illnesses over the years that Brodie has supported her through. Brodie is consistently working with her mum to achieve a sense of calm within their sometimes chaotic relationship.

Through the constant support of the youth workers, but mainly through her own determination Brodie has made her way through this barrage of life tests.

Becky said: "We are so proud of Brodie for what she has achieved. She has never let things get her down and she has been through so much and achieved so much. This district 4Uth award is fantastic recognition of what she has done already in her life."

Brodie has developed into a respectful, kind and well-rounded young adult who achieved five A* to C's at GCSE and is now completing her level 3 Business qualification. Whilst her mum is still ill, Brodie is her only sustainable person of support, yet she works full time as a Business and Administration Apprentice and she is also involved in working at the young people’s centre three nights a week and is also a representative of Ashfield Youth Forum.

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