4Uth 2016 winners

Bassetlaw winner: Bradley White

Bradley is 12, and lives in Harworth. He is a member of Harworth and Bircotes Young People’s Centre and was nominated for the 4Uth awards by youth workers Deborah Cameron and Kaan Linacre.

A genetic condition is not stopping young Bradley White from succeeding in life. The 12-year-old was nominated by youth leaders because of the way he had coped with the effects of physical disability to take on challenges in his life.

Kaan said: “Bradley has been attending our centre since late 2015 and it is a joy to have him as a member of the club. He is always polite and smiling and is a positive role model to other young people. Bradley has also been attending drama classes in Doncaster for several months and he absolutely loves this activity because it enables him to forget about his disability.”

undefinedBradley was diagnosed with hypermobile Ehleers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) several years ago. This is a genetic condition in which prevents the usual development of connective tissues in the body. This can lead to musculoskeletal complications leading to dislocations and subluxations.

Bradley lives at home in with dad Pete, mum Jane and has an older sister Rebecca, 20. Mum Jane also has the same EDS condition and explains: “Hypermobile EDS patients are more ‘bendy’ than the majority of the population and symptoms lead to pain and fatigue as the body struggles to keep everything in place.”

Dad Pete, 48, said: “We are very proud of Bradley. He just gets on with things and does not let things get him down and it is very pleasing that he is being recognised through the county council’s 4Uth awards.”

Kaan continues, “Although Bradley’s condition has not yet developed to the point where he has dislocations, he has to live with the possibility that this could happen at some point in the future. He has to watch his mum suffer with the same condition, and it is a reminder of what may happen. At such a young age this is a heavy burden to bear. Bradley’s mum is very proud of him and the way he approaches life positively. He is determined and will do his best at whatever he sets his mind to."

Bradley plays football for his local team but has a weak knee and although he plays to a high standard, medical advice is that this will not be a future career option. Consequently, Bradley is developing other interests, including his drama classes. He has performed in one production, playing the role of Dono in The Mobile Phone Shop. He is currently rehearsing a Shakespeare production as well as a Harry Potter play.

Bradley attends the youth club as often as he can and he enjoys being able to be himself and be around his friends. He listens to music and enjoys all the activities.

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