Designated Teacher Information

The Designated Teacher (DT) is the lead member of staff in school promoting the educational experiences of children in and previously in care. The Department of Education have produced statutory guidance to outline the DT's duties.

The Virtual School is keen to work closely with DTs to support them in their role in school.  We do this by:

  • organising termly monitoring visits with all Nottinghamshire secondary schools
  • inviting DTs to be part of the district Virtual School network to support collaborative learning across the county

What is expected of DTs?

DTs have a key role in promoting the education of children and young people in and previously in care. They must:

  • put the needs of the child at the centre of their educational planning, ensuring their voice is heard
  • actively engage the child in setting learning targets
  • foster high expectations and aspirations for the child's immediate and long term outcomes
  • help put in place and advise staff about suitable and effective teaching strategies
  • develop a positive relationship with carers, communicating the importance of supported learning
  • take responsibility for the education in the child's Personal Education Plan (PEP)
  • share school policies with all relevant parties
  • facilitate positive communication between the school and other professionals such as social workers and the Virtual School, ensuring that all partners contribute to the overall educational outcome
  • assist with school transitions where the young person moves into post 16 education or where a child may move from one school to another 

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