Services which support children and young people with additional needs

Schools and Families Specialist Services

Specialist teachers and teaching assistants work with children and young people with a range of complex SEND from birth to nineteen years in homes, early years settings and schools.  Providing specialist assessments and interventions, including services for children and young people who are deaf, visually impaired, autistic and have cognitive learning difficulties.

For more information please contact the Senior Practitioners for the teams:

Communication and Interaction Team, Cognition and Learning Team, Sensory Team:

  • telephone: 0115 854646

Early Years Team:

  • telephone: 0115 8041232

Education Psychology Services

Enable improvements in the attainment and emotional health and well-being of the most vulnerable children through the application of psychology to education and child development.

Contact Charles Savage:      


Specialist teachers and teaching assistants provide advice and support to schools and to partnerships of schools with regard to the social and emotional needs of children aged 3 to 11 years.  The service aims to secure and strengthen the school places of the primary aged children with the most severe and complex emotional and social needs;  where such children are without a school place, the team has responsibility for ensuring that they have access to appropriate education.

Contact Linda Armitage:       

Physical Disability Support Service

Provides specialist advice to schools to promote the inclusion of pupils with complex physical or medical needs.

Contact Esme Hobbs:

Health Related Education Service

Supports children who are unable to attend school for health related reasons, including:

  • pregnant school age learners and school age mothers
  • learners in hospital receiving treatment
  • children who are too ill to attend school


For the north of the county contact Jill Priddle:


For the south of the county contact Maureen Sully:


Support and advice to schools in respect of the anti-bullying policy and strategies.

Contact Lorna Naylor:

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