Fixed period exclusions from schools

The head teacher can exclude a pupil for a fixed period (up to a maximum of 45 days in a school year). This can comprise of a series of short exclusions or a single 45 day exclusion. Headteachers decide about the length of the exclusion in accordance with the schools behavioural policy.


In the event that your child is excluded, the school will notify you by telephone followed by a letter.

first incident

The decision as to whether a child can be excluded for a first incident is made by the headteacher in accordance with the school’s behaviour policy.

Public place within first five days of exclusion

You must ensure that your child is not present in a public place during school hours without reasonable justification. This applies whether or not the child is with you.

Education following exclusion

The excluding school will set and mark work for the first five days of the exclusion. From day six of the exclusion relevant full time education should be provided by the school.

Expressing your concerns

You can request a discipline committee meeting be held, or you can put your concerns in writing to the chair of governors.

Support at discipline committee meeting

In the event that you request a discipline committee meeting, you can take a friend or supporter to the meeting. However, you must inform the headteacher that a friend/supporter will be accompanying you.

Children with statements or an EHC (Education, Health and Care) Plan

Schools will only exclude a pupil with a statement or EHC (Education, Health and Care) Plan in exceptional circumstances. The school should have tried every practicable means to maintain the child in school, including seeking local authority and other professional advice.

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