Children absent from school due to illness

Pupils who live in Nottinghamshire and who are temporarily unable to attend school for health related reasons can receive support from us.

Pupils aged five to 16 who are unable to attend school due to medical reasons or severe anxiety for at least 15 days are entitled to support.


Requests for support cannot be made by parents. Instead, they come from the pupil’s school or hospital staff and should be supported by a consultant and/or a community paediatrician in the case of physical/medical reasons.

Where anxiety is the main cause of school non-attendance the request for support should be supported by the school’s educational psychologist and possibly Child and Adolescent Mental health Service (CAMHS).

A team of qualified and experienced teachers and teaching assistant work closely with schools to support a suitable education programme for pupils. Teaching sessions may take place in the home, but will normally take place in some other suitable venue.

Provision is reviewed regularly and staff liaise with school, health professionals and other supporting agencies to plan and support the pupil’s return to school.


For pregnant girls of school age, schools can apply to the Health Related Education Team for funding to support an appropriate education provision.


For further information about health related queries, please contact the Health Related Education Team:

  • telephone: 0115 977 3481

During school holidays, contact the Customer Service team

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