Schools and professionals

The aim of the Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme is to support children to eat healthily and be active during the school holidays. The programme also encourages children and young people to have a greater understanding of health and nutrition as well as be more engaged with their school and other local services.

Further information for schools and professionals

Who is this programme for?

Children aged 5-16 years (including 4-year-olds if in Reception) who are eligible for and receiving benefit related free school meals.

The Department for Education has also granted funds to be used to reach children, young people and families who are considered vulnerable. 15% of providers funding can be used towards offering free or subsidised holiday club places for children who are not in receipt of benefits-related free school meals.

The criteria includes:

  • children assessed by the local authority as being in need, at risk or vulnerable (for example, children on a Child Protection Plan, Children in Need or on an Early Help plan)
  • young carers
  • looked-after children or previously looked after children
  • children with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan
  • children who have low attendance rates at school or who are at risk of exclusion
  • children living in areas of high deprivation or from low-income households who are not in receipt of free school meals
  • children in transition phases between nursery and primary school or primary and secondary school

 Access to the 15% would be discussed on a one-to-one basis.

How do our school children or children we work with, access the programme?

We have written to all Nottinghamshire schools with a link to an online application portal. If your school has not received this, please contact us at

If your school activity provider wants to apply on behalf of your school, please direct them to the applications portal where they can also find application guidance.

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