Children in entertainment

A child under school leaving age may need a licence if take they part in events, including:

  • theatre performances (professional or amateur)
  • music and dance festivals (including school dance shows)
  • modelling shoots
  • films and television
  • paid or professional sport.

The person responsible for the production should apply to us for this licence at least 21 days before the event. If the child won’t be with their parent, school teacher or home tutor, they must be supervised by a licensed chaperone.

Please allow at least 10 working days for us to process your child performance licence, BOPA and exemptions requests otherwise we can not guarantee these will be processed in time for your performance.


A licence is needed if any one of the following apply. The child:

  • will be absent from school
  • will be paid
  • will be performing for more than four days
  • has performed for more than four days in the last six months
  • will be employed in sporting activities or modelling work.

Apply for a licence

Complete the following application form and medical questionnaire to apply for a licence:

If a licence is not needed then an application for exemption will need to be completed:

Any application for a performance or stage licence must be signed by parents or guardians and accompanied by a photograph. We must be satisfied that arrangements for the supervision and protection of the child are adequate and that the disruption to the child's education is kept to a minimum.

Applying for a Body of Persons Approval

This is a licence for the organisation, the organisation responsible for putting on the performance, and ensuring the safety and well being of the children taking part may apply for a BOPA.   

The organisation must apply to the local authority where the performance is taking place.

Chaperones for child performers

We issue chaperone licences for people who live in Nottinghamshire.

A chaperone's first priority is always to the child and the key person who the child looks to for guidance, protection, clarification and support.

Apply to become a chaperone

The first stage is to complete an application form, if your application is successful, we will complete a DBS check and invite you to training. 

Contact us

For further information, get in touch:

Children in Entertainment, Employment and Chaperone Licences team

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This licensing is required by The Children and Young Persons Acts 1933 and 1963 and The Children (Performances) Regulations 2014.

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