Helping us help you when reporting a safeguarding concern


  • Consult the multi-agency procedures for referring and the adults at risk pathways document to decide if a referral is required (available on the MASH webpage)
  • Undertake the duties described in the multi-agency procedures before contacting the MASH
  • Consult your Safeguarding Lead to take advice if you are unsure
  • Provide as much detail as possible for the adult at risk/alleged victim and the person/organisation posing a concern. If the person posing a concern are staff members then full names, home address and date of birth is required
  • Obtain consent from the adult at risk where possible, unless doing so would place the adult at risk or if there is an overriding public interest. In cases where it is appropriate to obtain consent, the adult at risk should have sufficient information provided to them to be able to make an informed choice about the sharing of their personal data for the purposes of making the MASH referral. This should include an explanation of :
    • What information is being shared
    • Why the information is being shared
    • The agencies the information is being shared with.
  • Ring 999 for the emergency services before contacting the MASH if there is an emergency. Consider contacting the police via 101 if there is the suggestion that a criminal offence has been committed
  • Consult with other professionals involved, who may be able to confirm or allay your concerns
  • Complete a body map where possible if  there is an injury, available in the multi-agency procedures
  • Remember that there is a secure on line form available here to make a referral if your enquiry is not urgent
  • Make a referral for adult social carevia the Customer Service Centrenot the MASH.


  • The MASH do not handle care concerns or any issue that isn’t related to making a safeguarding referral
  • If a referral has already been made and you’ve been informed it has been passed to a team, you should contact the team concerned rather than the MASH.
  • Our Referral Prompt sheet provides a quick glance guide to support you when making safeguarding adults referrals. 

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