Language for life

Our vision

Our vision is to work collaboratively to give all children the chance to develop their language and communication skills, so that they can achieve their best educationally and can contribute positively to their community.

In Nottinghamshire we believe that:

  • everything that happens to a child within the first few years of life is the foundation for their future success
  • the earliest months and years are the most important for all children and those who have strong attachments are more likely to achieve their developmental potential
  • children need to be emotionally secure to make expected progress
  • parents are the first and continuing ‘educator’ of their children
  • communication skills are the foundation for development of learning and social skills
  • all agencies should support a multi-agency strategy which enables parents and practitioners to provide rich language experiences for their children.

Training opportunities

New courses will be available soon.


Download a copy of the full Nottinghamshire Language for Life Strategy [PDF].


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