The Village Nursery

This dedicated group have worked so hard together to welcome new starters into our nursery. For many families, this is the first time away from home and their genuine dedication and support to their children and families is a wonderful thing to see. They have championed for children and families to have an extended induction package to allow families to gently start nursery life - this has led to increased parental engagement and rapport between home and nursery. This team treat everyone with respect, love and kindness and each day they help shape little lives. They will often say "I'm just doing my job" and sometimes don't see the incredible moments they share, the opportunities they give and the memories that will last a lifetime.
I feel honoured to lead my team at The Village Nursery.  They have worked tirelessly and creatively throughout the pandemic and beyond. They are talented individuals who weave a golden thread throughout the workplace to ensure that they give the best opportunity for all children in their care.
Their supportive and welcoming nature of each other is something that I am genuinely very proud of. They have high aspirations for all children and work creatively to help all children in our care fulfil their potential. The Team at The Village are a unique and special bunch, and I am so proud of each and every one of them.  Our ultimate goal as a team is to get our children as school ready as they possibly can be by the time, they move on but foremost to give our children THE BEST CHILDHOOD they can have. They are true champions of children and I think they deserve special recognition as they give their best each day and continue to go the extra mile for children, childhood and Early Years!!
This wonderful team spend their days looking after the most entertaining and wonderful groups of children. They have welcomed most of their children into nursery in the midst of the pandemic and beyond. They have reassured parents and work collaboratively to give the most wonderful of days to their children.

They can sing/ dance, entertain, box model on demand. They go with the flow, following the awe and wonder of the world their group live in - they are able to change at the pace and direction of what the children want. They each set about helping little minds grow and unlocking the life skill of language - even if this does mean reading the same story on repeat of a never-ending chorus of a song on loop!

Gemma, Emily, Becca, Parveen, Gurnam, Georgia, Ellie, Nicole, Joanne, Jayne, Lauren, Alex, Kathryn, Amy and Sophia - you truly are the best and most patient band of friends for your children!  You are brilliant collectively and as individuals!
Dealing with all the changes recently due to Covid, the team have adapted so well. Even due to staff shortages the team have worked longer hours, moved rooms to cover staff shortages, all so that our children can have childcare. My daughter absolutely loves preschool and never says she’s had a bad day, even when I know the team behind it all have made sacrifices. Parents are so grateful for their hard work.

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