Hucknall Day Nursery

Each team and setting so far have astounded me with their dedication to their jobs. Management are a pleasure with years of experience and it tells in their day to day running of the business.
Baby room staff kickstart the setting from an early age and are fabulous in their work.
Walkers room staff pick up the next stage and devote their time and efforts in the child’s growth and as they turn from babies to little independent characters. With time and patience, they encourage immensely preparing for the next stage. Toddlers staff take on the next stage of development and have welcomed the terrible twos with open arms. A combination of further experience, dedication and knowledge brings the little ones on further with extra learning and patience to be proud of.
Preschool well I am yet to experience but again you can see and often witness their outstanding contribution to the nursery and final stages before our children depart for Primary school. The whole set up has been outstanding.

My twin girls joined this setting 2 years ago. At the time just one of my daughters (E) had a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. 8 months ago, my other daughter (G) was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy. E is unable to walk and crawls to move around. She has specialist equipment and has to have physiotherapy and Occupational therapy daily. The management team and staff have always gone out of their way to ensure E gets all of the therapies and help she needs. They have adapted rooms, and outdoor spaces to ensure she can access the same things as her peers. Since G’s diagnosis they have pushed for her to get extra support before starting school. It’s very daunting handing over your child who has additional needs into someone else’s care but the whole team couldn’t do more to help both girls reach their full potential.

The staff here are incredible. Every single one are always full of smiles. So helpful and always there to answer any questions. My little girl doesn’t like coming home!! Thank you for all you do. Nothing is ever to much for any staff. 

Amazing nursery. Very embracing. They help my son with making him the wonderful well rounded child he is.

The team of staff at Hucknall Day Nursery are amazing. They are so friendly, approachable, caring and hard working.
They are always adapting their practices, especially during the pandemic, providing children with as many opportunities as they possibly could under the circumstances and communicating with parents as much as they possibly can in person or over the phone.
They show an amazing work ethic and clearly work well as a team. They all go out of their way to look after the children they care for and work with parents to tackle, what are sometimes, difficult situations or behaviours. They show enthusiasm and passion for the welfare and development of the children they care for. 
The early years of child development is so important and the staff at Hucknall Day nursery do a wonderful job. They clearly thrive and enjoy the work that they do, so many have gained qualifications which shows dedication and teamwork as they support and encourage each other.

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