Childrens House Southwell

The team worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and are proud to be the only childcare setting to remain open throughout in Southwell. We were proud to do what was asked of us.

The team remained in contact with our non-key worker families, posting daily activities via email and Facebook, producing a cookbook, sending out plant seeds , a Whatsapp groups to ensure the children could still chat to their friends. 

The impact of remaining open was immense, with many staff suffering from anxiety and stress as things got back to normal, However the team has worked together brilliantly throughout and have taken in their stride every hurdle thrown at them.

Recently one our families became hosts to a Ukrainian family and we now have a 2year old Ukrainian girl, we are expecting more

We are beyond proud of our team and their resilience.

 In the words of one of our parents
‘’It's time to congratulate and praise all the staff at Children’s House, you are all amazing''

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