Cherubs Wynndale

Cherubs Wynndale has been through a lot of change over the last few years closing its doors during covid to most children but still remaining open for those who were classed as key workers. This was a tough unknown time for the team and the children but they still tried so hard to keep as much as possible normal for the children during this challenging time. They still continued to provide exceptional care for the children so their parents could go out to work on the front line. This was a scary time for all, but the team were outstanding at supporting and normalising this challenging time. The Children remained happy and secure and learning and developing daily, even the children that didn’t attend setting were updated through social media, video updates activities shared to do at home and videos from the team sharing bedtime stories or songs for all to get involved in. The team still continue to be outstanding to all the children they care for.
Cherubs Wynndale has a fantastic childcare team. The team work so hard to ensure that the children within the setting feel happy, supported, and cared for. The staff have brilliant bonds with the children in the setting and are always coming up with activities and ways to give the children new and exciting experiences. The team is led by a brilliant manager, who the staff respect and look to for support whenever it's needed. The rooms always look inviting and interesting. The team work hard to involve the parents/carers in their children’s learning and development through the Facebook page and the app, as well as take home activities. The team are dedicated to supporting the children.

The team at cherubs Wynndale is a great team they work and support each room within the setting. During the pandemic the staff coped really well and adapt on how we carried activities out they support the parents well and ensure that things was a normal as possible for the children and that the activities was still outstanding for them too. The Team at Wynndale will also support other Cherubs Across Mansfield and Nottingham to ensure ratio are cover and children are well looked after.

The nursery has been so supportive with helping our daughter settle in, they have gone out of their way to comfort her and look after her when she has been upset. They have worked with us to help R settle in- and although this has taken a bit of time, they have been amazing. They have provided myself and her dad with support and reassurance.

The team at cherubs Wynndale are fantastic! They are always so welcoming and helpful. They go above and beyond for the children. The activities they provide, and offer are fantastic too. They really do care for the children and always put them first.

The team in the Daisies room is absolutely amazing with the kids and the parents, meeting their needs, always being readily available for them.

The staff are all so lovely and my daughter loves going to nursery.

I know this team work together as an amazing team.

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