Bright Sparks Nursery

Beth and Rebekah who comprise the Tweenie Team have had an incredible journey during the pandemic in realising their skill, affinity for and expertise in toddlers.

Rebekah rescinded a leadership opportunity with babies to focus on her love of toddlers and Beth, an amazing but new asset to the setting, stepped into a Room Leader role with trepidation after her colleague left for the NHS. 

After suffering furlough, dropping rounds of goodies off at houses for covid ridden families, these two set out on a rescue mission.  The have rescued the SEND children and families from despair by enhancing targeted and specialist support, working with SFSS and SLT Teams and prioritising communication with parents when there is little time for it.  They have rescued morale in the unit by assuming extra responsibilities as we recruit, understanding management limitations. Above all they have rescued high expectations through their outstanding engagement and language centred pedagogy. The RESCUERS!


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