Moving to adult services

If you think you will continue to need care and support when you turn 18 you will move from children's social care services to adult social services. We can offer support to help you through this transition. 

You will need to complete a care and support assessment to see if you are eligible for care services as an adult. 

Young person's care and support assessment

Usually, your school or the children's social care services will recognise your need for an assessment and make a referral to us. If not, then you can contact us directly. 

After we have looked at the referral we will advise you when you will need an assessment. As you get older your needs may change, so it might be worth waiting until closer to your 18th birthday until you have an assessment. 

The assessment will decide if you are eligible for care and support. It will also detail the transition to adult services plan and will include outcomes, views and wishes that matter to you. 

Care services are free for children, but adults have to pay towards the cost of some services. Find out more on our paying for care page.

Transition Pathway and Protocol

Find out more about the Nottinghamshire pathway and protocol:

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