Adapting your home

Major adaptations

A major adaptation to you home can include:

  • widening doors
  • installing stair lifts or ceiling hoists
  • ramps - consideration may be given if a person's mobility is dependent on the use of a wheelchair (indoors/outdoors) and qualifies for an NHS wheelchair or the person, or anyone caring for them, is at risk from the current method of access
  • level access showers.

If you are a disabled person who needs help to live independently, you might be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant to help fund the adaptations to your home. For more information see our Disabled Facilities Grant factsheet.

If you are planning to pay for the work yourself, and you are using a private company, make sure you agree a price beforehand. Our trading standards page can offer advice if you have any disputes. You can also refer to the following factsheets for guidance:


For any adaptations arranged by us the responsibility for repairs on these depends on what the adaptation was and when it was done. 

Stair lift

For repairs on stair lifts that were installed:

  • pre 1996 contact Prism Medical on 01924 840100 and select option 4
  • after 1996 contact the home owner or landlord.

If you are unsure when a stair lift was fitted contact us on 0300 500 80 80.

Ceiling track hoist

For repairs on a ceiling tack hoist contact Prism Medical on 01924 840100 and select option 4. 

Wet room

For repairs on a wet room installed after 1996 contact the home owner or landlord. 

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