Training for personal assistants

e-learning course

When you apply to join the Support with Confidence scheme, you are required to complete an e-learning module “Becoming a Personal Assistant”. This consists of 3 units:

  1. Personal Assistant Induction
  2. Safeguarding Adults under the Care Act 2014
  3. Videos and Questions – scenarios which you might need to consider when working as a Personal Assistant

Information on how to access the module and units will be provided once your application is processed. Completion of units 1 and 2 provide you with a Certificate

Unit 1. Personal Assistant Induction

This provides a general overview of the work of a personal assistant and how your role can support an individual with their daily tasks and needs.

Unit 2. Safeguarding Adults under the Care Act 2014

Provides information about safeguarding and protecting vulnerable people from different types of abuse. You will learn what the types of abuse are, how to spot the warning signs and what to do if you suspect someone is being abused.

Introduction to Safeguarding Children - Level 1

A basic introductory level course, which only takes approx. an hour to complete, that is targeted at staff who may come into contact with children for short periods during the course of their work.

After completing this course staff will have a better understanding of the types of abuse and neglect a child may suffer, how to identify the signs of neglect and how to take the correct course of actions to safeguard a child or young person. Find out more about the course.

Unit 3. Videos and Questions

You will need to watch and read the following:

Once you have watched and read the above you will need to answer these questions relating to the social care videos [Word]  and return to us. 

If you have any questions about the training please email us at

The e-learning training is mapped to the Care Certificate Standards, a set of standards that health and social care workers adhere to. Further information on the Care Certificate can be found in the section below.

Further training and support

Working as a Personal Assistant is both rewarding and challenging. Undertaking further training can help you in both your work, professional and personal development. Your employer may want you to have training that will help you carry out your tasks and role more effectively and safely. Your employer should talk to you about this and help identify appropriate training courses. You may also identify suitable training that you want to have.

Further information, access to training and possible funding can be found on the websites below

Social Care Institute for Excellence e-learning - a range of interactive resources for self-learning and formal training. Once registered you can access free training that includes infection control, dementia awareness, personalisation and other topics.

Skills for Care - support and information for Personal Assistants and their employers including funding for training through the Skills for Care Workforce Development Fund and the personal assistant employers' toolkit.

Care Certificate - information on the Care Certificate including FAQs about Personal Assistants doing the Care Certificate.

Nottinghamshire Help Yourself - The Notts Help Yourself website includes information on training that cover a range of topics including health conditions and opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge, NHY training information.

NHS England - Information on Personal Health Budgets including resources and videos can be found on the NHS England website, Personal Health Budgets

Personal Assistants Networks - information and guidance for personal assistants and their employers on a range of subjects.

Social Care Institute for Excellence Social Care TV - an online channel including video-based training resources and general interest programmes for everyone involved in the social care sector.

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