Stay well this winter

Information, advice and support services to help you stay well this winter.

Winter vaccines

People in certain vulnerable groups are eligible for a free flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster this winter.

If you are over 50, pregnant or have a long-term health condition, you are eligible for both vaccines. Make an appointment with your GP surgery or pharmacy as soon as possible for a flu jab. Call 119 or book online for a COVID-19 booster.

If you are a carer or frontline health or social care worker, you are eligible for a free flu vaccine at your GP surgery or pharmacy.

Children aged 2-3 years on 31 August 2022 and those aged 2-17 years with long-term health conditions are eligible for a free flu nasal spray vaccine at their GP surgery.

All primary school children will be offered a free flu nasal spray vaccine at school with parental consent. If you have a child in primary school, look out for your child’s electronic or paper consent form and return it straight away.

Children who are home educated or miss their vaccination in school can access an appointment through the School Aged Immunisation Service (SAIS) in the community. Find out more about SAIS.

The service will be delivered in Bassetlaw primary schools by the RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust

Keeping warm

Approximately 400 vulnerable people die in Nottinghamshire a year due to winter weather and its impact on their health. 

Cold homes can have a significant impact on your health. One of the best ways of keeping yourself well during winter is to stay warm.

Meals at home

Our meals at home service supplies a range of over 70 fresh and nutritious hot and frozen meals from locally sourced ingredients. Meals are delivered direct to your home to help you stay living independently.

Falls and fractures in older people

Ageing increases your chance of having a fall. As you get older your bones may become more fragile and break easier if you have a fall.

There is a range of support available across Nottinghamshire to help you prevent falls and stay healthy.

Elderly neighbours and family

Cold weather is especially dangerous for older people or people with a serious illness. Check on elderly or vulnerable relatives, friends and neighbours and help out where possible to ensure they are safe and well this winter.

If they are feeling lonely or struggling with daily life, the Connect Service may be able to help.

Look out for uninvited doorstep callers in your area.

Cost of living and financial support

We understand for many this is a challenging time. Find support, information, advice and guidance on our Cost of Living support page including information on financial support for residents and community groups who are most in need.

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