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Equipment to help you

If you have difficultly with everyday tasks there is a range of equipment available to help you. 

If you know what type of equipment you are looking for, you may be able to find it in one of the following places:

You may be eligible for social care support with equipment. After a care and support assessment we will talk to you about your situation and what equipment might help you. Any equipment we provide is free of charge for as long as you need it. 

We don't supply:

  • zimmer frames, walking sticks, pressure mattresses, cot sides, standard commodes or slide sheets - contact your District Nurse or GP
  • wheelchairs -  see the Disabilities Living Centre for possible suppliers
  • equipment for temporary conditions such as a hip replacement or broken leg - contact the hospital occupational therapy service before you are discharged
  • ramps - we don't provide ramps for privately purchased scooters - consideration may be given if a person's mobility is dependent on the use of a wheelchair (indoors/outdoors) and qualifies for an NHS wheelchair or the person, or anyone caring for them, is at risk from the current method of access.

Broken equipment 

Equipment supplied by us will have a label on it saying that it comes from Nottinghamshire County Council, British Red Cross or Nottingham Rehab Supplies.

  • If it was supplied within the past 12 months telephone ICES Red Cross on 0845 127 2911 to arrange for a replacement
  • If you have had the equipment from us for more than 12 months contact us for a new assessment
  • If the equipment was not supplied by us contact the original supplier for advice and support.

Returning equipment

If you no longer need a piece of equipment that we’ve supplied contact ICELS Red Cross on 0845 127 2911 to arrange its return.

Monitors and alarms

Monitors and alarms can detect if there is an emergency and alarm a carer or support centre.

You must be eligible for care and support and we can supply three types of systems depending on your personal circumstances:

  • Telecare - sensors in your home are linked through a telephone line to a 24 hour monitoring centre and will automatically contact the centre if they detect danger
  • standalone assistive technology - sensors in your home send an alarm to a portable pager unit, which a carer can carry with them
  • just checking - uses a number of movement sensors to monitor which rooms you use and any times you leave the home.

To enquire about a monitor or alarm contact us on 0300 500 80 80.


You wear a personal alarm that connects to a 24 hour monitoring centre. If you activate the alarm the centre will contact you to check how you are. If necessary they will then contact family, friends, neighbours or the emergency services. Visit Nottinghamshire Help Yourself to find suppliers.

Sensory Impairment equipment

We can supply and advise on equipment if you have a sensory impairment. This includes people who are:

  • deaf/ deafened/ hearing impaired
  • blind/ visually impaired.

If you're interested in getting any sensory impairment equipment contact us on 0300 500 80 80.

VAT relief

If you have a long-term illness or disability you do not have to pay VAT on some types of equipment. For more information contact the HMRC by calling 0845 302 0203.

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