Paper / Card FAQs

Can I recycle window envelopes?

Yes. You don’t need to remove the windows from envelopes before recycling, just put them in your recycling bin.

Can I recycle padded envelopes?

Unfortunately these cannot go in your recycling bin because the lining means they are not suitable to be recycled. Please reuse them where possible or dispose in your general waste bin.

Can I recycle wrapping paper?

Not all wrapping paper can be recycled as it may contain plastic, foil or glitter. If you are unsure, try the simple ‘scrunch’ test – if it can be crumpled into a ball it can be recycled. If it tries to spring back into shape then it cannot be recycled and should go in your general waste bin.

Can I put shredded paper / shredded cardboard in my recycling bin?

No, shredded paper and shredded cardboard cannot be sorted in Nottinghamshire so should be placed in your general waste bin. Shredded paper causes problems during sorting at the Materials Recovery Facility as it is too small to be sorted and will be treated as general waste. Also shredding cuts the fibres of the paper and card up into very short lengths, which means that it is more difficult to make into good quality paper / card pulp for recycling into new items.

Please do not put shredded paper/ card in any other container (e.g. cereal box), the paper/ card will not stay in this container when it is being sorted.

Did you know that shredded paper can be added to your home compost bin? It's also suitable as a bedding material for some animals. If you don’t have this option, shredded paper is best placed in your general waste bin where it will be sent for energy recovery.

Can I recycle takeaway containers? (pizza boxes, chip wrappers, burger packaging etc)

No. Even those made from cardboard cannot be recycled as they can be greasy and contain food waste which can spoil other recycling items. They are often made out of non-recyclable materials e.g. polystyrene or have a waxed layer etc.

Takeaway containers should be disposed of in your general waste bin.

Can tissues and kitchen roll go in the recycling bin?

No. They may be wet or contain food waste and need to be disposed of in the general waste bin. The paper fibres of even dry, clean tissues or kitchen roll are very short and poor quality and are not suitable for recycling.

Can I recycle Tetra pak (juice cartons) in my recycling bin?

No. The Materials Recovery Facility cannot sort cartons and treats them as waste. Cartons are made from at least two different materials bonded together which makes them very difficult to recycle.

Can I recycle wallpaper?

No. Wallpaper usually contains fungicides and cannot be recycled. It can also tangle around the sorting machinery at the Materials Recovery Facility.

What should I do with parcel tape on cardboard packaging?

Please remove it from boxes and parcels before placing them in your recycling bin. Dispose of the tape in your waste bin.

Can I recycle large cardboard boxes?

Yes, but large cardboard boxes should be flattened, and polystyrene or plastic packaging should be removed before the cardboard box is placed into the recycling bin. The packaging material should either be reused or placed in your general waste bin.

Can compostable packaging be recycled in Nottinghamshire?

The recyclability of these new packaging materials haven’t yet been fully tested, please do not put them in your garden waste / recycling bin, put them in your general waste bin.

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