Tins of paint should never be put in your bin at home unless they are empty or contain only solid dried-up paint residue. When tins of paint from a wheelie bin are crushed in the back of a rubbish truck the paint can spill onto the street and cause problems and if paint is buried in a landfill the toxic chemicals it contains can contaminate the ground.

Never pour paint down your sinks and drains as it may pollute water courses.

Nottinghamshire residents can take tins containing liquid paint to Calverton, Newark, Beeston or Warsop recycling centres for donation to Community Repaint Nottinghamshire, part of the national Community RePaint Network. Charities and community groups from Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City, and sometimes Nottinghamshire residents, can collect the paint for reuse free of charge.

The following types of paint are suitable for reuse:

  • Matt and silk emulsion
  • Gloss paint – interior and exterior
  • Eggshell and satin paint
  • Kitchen or bathroom paint
  • Undercoat - water or oil based
  • Primer
  • Masonry paint
  • Varnish - water or oil based
  • Wood stain
  • Tile paint
  • Floor paint

These paints cannot be reused in the scheme:

  • Paint from business/decorators
  • Paint not in its original container
  • Paint tins with a hazardous symbol
  • Any paint containing lead
  • Paint thinners, eg white spirit
  • Paint stripper or brush cleaners
  • Wood preservative

Tins of paint that cannot be reused will be sent for specialist treatment, and the metal or plastic containers will be recycled where possible.

You will not be allowed to use a sign written vehicle to dispose of waste at one of our recycling centres if it has a connection to the waste, even if it is your own household waste, eg paint from a vehicle advertising painting and decorating services.

Paint tins that are empty or contain only dried up paint residues can be put in your waste wheeled bin or taken to any recycling centre.

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