Hardcore, bricks, rubble and building materials

Residents are permitted to dispose of small quantities of hardcore, bricks, rubble and other building materials at any of our recycling centres, in line with our DIY acceptance criteria (see below). 

Larger scale DIY jobs, renovations or refurbishments are not minor repairs and waste generated by such projects are not accepted at recycling centres even if you carry them out yourself to your own home.

DIY waste acceptance criteria 

Residents are allowed to dispose of up to two 50 litre bags worth of waste or a single article of waste no larger than 2000mm x 750mm x 700mm in size per visit.

Residents must not exceed four single visits per household in any four week period.

DIY waste must have been produced by residents and cannot have not come from construction or demolition works for which a payment has been made.

If construction or home improvement work has been carried out by a tradesperson, it is their legal responsibility to dispose of any waste that is produced.

If you are hiring a van to transport your own Household Waste to a recycling centre, you must arrange temporary access.

Alternatively, you could hire a skip or get a skip bag.

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