Electric vehicle (EV) charging in and around Nottinghamshire

Off-street public EV charging infrastructure

The D2N2 electric vehicle charging network

Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC), in partnership with Nottingham City (lead authority for this programme), Derbyshire County and Derby City Councils were awarded funding from the Office of Low Emission vehicles (OLEV) to help deliver a number of initiatives to promote and encourage ultra-low emission vehicles through the Go Ultra Low (GUL) programme. 

One element of this programme was the expansion of publicly accessible EV charge points to create an area-wide network across the four local authority areas. Charge points have been installed at key off-street locations near major roads, park and ride sites, council-owned car parks and retail outlets.

The D2N2 electric vehicle charging point map includes information on each of the charge points installed through the project, including the 23 sites located within Nottinghamshire.

For further information on this programme, please visit Nottingham City Council’s webpage.

Mapped public EV charge points across the UK

ZapMap displays a map with the locations and providers of the charge points, the type of charger, its availability and utilisation charges (if applicable) across the UK.

On-street EV charging infrastructure

EV charging cables trailing across the public highway

The County Council does not permit any cable to be placed across the public highway; as it represents a health and safety hazard, and an impediment to the safe use of the highway by the visually and/or mobility impaired, or other affected user groups.

Under the Highways Act 1980 action may be taken to remove cables that are deemed unsuitable or unsafe. This method of on-street EV charging is therefore not considered a suitable approach for residents without off-street parking provision to charge their EV on-street.

On-street EV charging pilot schemes

On-street EV Cable Channels (EVCC) pilot scheme

The report relating to on-street EV charging infrastructure was approved at February 2022 Transport and Environment Committee. Paragraphs 9-15 in the report details the EVCC pilot scheme that is going to be undertaken in the county.

Find out about the county council's pilot scheme for residents without off-street parking who want to charge their EVs at home.

Potential on-street EV infrastructure pilot schemes

Approved by Committee, the County Council will investigate introducing an on-highway EV charging infrastructure pilot as part of its 2022/23 highways capital programme, whilst pending the outcome of the national and regional studies.

 The report relating to on-street EV charging infrastructure was approved at February 2022 Transport and Environment Committee. Paragraph 16 in the report details the investigatory works that will be undertaken prior to seeking further approvals for the delivery and funding of the potential future EV infrastructure pilots to be undertaken in the county.

 More details will be published on this webpage once they become available.


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