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National government COVID-19  guidance advice on car sharing

Become a savvy sharer today! Car sharing is growing globally with an estimated 5 million members. If you share a car and travel together it allows you to benefit from the convenience of the car, whilst also reducing congestion, pollution - and the costs of travel.

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  • Sign up to Nottinghamshare and get matched with a driver or passenger in your area!
  • Calculate how much money you could save per year through car sharing
  • Get your questions answered and find useful FAQs from
  • Stay safe when car sharing and follow these safety tips

Did you know?

More and more people across the UK are car sharing and have found multiple benefits, including:

  • Saving money – easily reduce your travel costs by splitting fuel bills and parking tickets

  • Making new friends and/or catching up with existing ones

  • Flexibility – you only need to share when it’s convenient to you

  • Less traffic – more people car sharing means less cars on the roads creating traffic jams, simple!

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