Lengthsman scheme

The lengthsman scheme is an arrangement between us and parish/town councils or community resource trusts.

The parish councils employ a lengthsman. They carry out minor local highways job identified by the parish council.

We provide:

  • an annual grant
  • initial training
  • basic equipment.

Jobs a lengthsman can tackle include:

  • grass cutting
  • cutting back overhanging hedges
  • ensuring visibility of traffic signs
  • maintaining heritage and non-mains powered signs
  • clearing drains
  • clearing minor storm debris
  • tidying roadsides
  • digging out ditches in verges
  • repainting traditional finger and mile posts
  • reporting safety problems to us.

The scheme doesn't affect our legal responsibility to maintain roads and pavements. It provides an opportunity for local communities to identify minor works which would not necessarily get done by us unless there was a safety issue.

If you have any queries about the scheme, please contact the contact our Customer Service Centre.

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